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Abstract sessions

Each abstract that has been selected by the Scientific Committee is showcased in a 15-minute oral presentation.

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The paper posters will be displayed at the Poster Area, from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June. Delegates will discover the latest scientific data in the field through more than 1,500 posters covering 33 topics!

We strongly encourage poster presenters to stand by their poster during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks, for informal discussions. However, it is mandatory for poster presenters to stand by their poster during the lunch break as there will be a Faculty Poster Lunch Walk (see below) where members of the faculty will come and discuss a selection of posters.

Poster Tours:

During lunch and coffee breaks, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) guides will tour the poster area with a group of 30 delegates to showcase 3 to 4 selected paper posters for a half-hour session, and  6 to 7 posters for an hour session. They will discuss them with the respective presenters. 29 Poster Tours will take place from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June.

Different tours will be scheduled, allowing 2 to 4 tours in parallel, per coffee and lunch break. To join a tour, come to the meeting point corresponding to the tour in front of the poster help desk a few minutes before the beginning of the tour.

Find out more about the tour topics, KOL guides, and posters selected in the poster tour schedule. (Note: all hours displayed are in BST.)

Thu 23 June Fri 24 June Sat 25 June
9:30–10:00 9:30–10:00 9:30–10:00
12:30–13:30 12:30–13:30 12:00–13:00
15:30–16:00 15:30–16:00 15:30–16:00
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Faculty Poster Lunch Walk:

Key faculty will join the Poster Area at lunchtime, from the Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June, and engage with the poster presenters.

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