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Poster Awardees

Category Name Poster
Best Poster Presentation - Public Health Sarah Blach (United States) THU278

Evaluation of global progress towards HBV and HCV elimination

Best Poster Presentation - Basic Science Emelie Barreby (Sweden) SAT197

Human resident liver macrophages protect against metabolic stress in obesity

Best Poster Presentation - General Hepatology Florian Veyre (France) SAT239

Recurrence of primary sclerosing cholangitis after liver transplantation: a French cohort study including 571 patients

Best Poster Presentation - Cirrhosis and Complications Sophie Elisabeth Müller (Germany) THU500

Can machines predict liver decompensation? Analysis of 1,415 patients with liver cirrhosis recruited at three German referral centers

Best Poster Presentation - Metabolism, Alcohol and Toxicity Gabriele Mocciaro (United Kingdom) SAT061

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease features a reduced reverse polyunsaturated fatty acid transport (free fatty acids/high-density lipoprotein) from the periphery to the liver

Best Poster Presentation - Liver Tumours Sarah Cappuyns (Belgium) THU593

Pre-treatment cross-talk between the tumoural and peripheral immune system predicts response to checkpoint inhibition in advanced HCC: a single-cell study

Best Poster Presentation - Jiacheng Liu (China) THU388

Presence of liver inflammation and fibrosis in Asian patients with chronic hepatitis B in the grey zone

Best Poster Presentation - Immune-mediated and Cholestatic Diseases David Trampert (Netherlands) FRI461

The IgG4-related cholangitis autoantigen laminin 511-E8 stabilizes the biliary bicarbonate umbrella in human cholangiocytes

Best Oral Presentation – Clinical Science Mattias Mandorfer (Austria) OS017

Gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI-derived Functional Liver Imaging Score (FLIS) and spleen diameter provide complementary information for risk stratification in ACLD

Best Oral Presentation – Basic Science Mirella Pastore (Italy) OS058

Cross-talk between MerTK-expressing stromal cells and cholangiocarcinoma

Best Oral Presentation – PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Wei-Yu Lu (United Kingdom) OS023

T regulatory cells promote bile duct regeneration through modulating ductular reaction in a model of cholestatic liver injury

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