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Aims of the EASL Nurses & AHPs Task Force

To encourage professional development and to boost engagement among peers across Europe, EASL’s Nurses and AHPs Task Force has created this liver disease learning centre providing the latest educational resources and a series of interactive development activities. Our aims include:

  • offering education in an alternative format that reflects current challenges for education provision
  • encouraging engagement and fostering links within the community
  • serving as a vehicle for inter-country discussion of practice and learning from one another

Join us on this new educational project. Bookmark this page, check it for updates frequently, and share it with your colleagues so that we can grow together. Create your My EASL profile to receive the latest news. 

Stay tuned for our series of inter-professional open-access webinars. 

Find out more about the Nurses and AHPs Task Force

EASL Nurses & AHPs webinar series

Nurses and AHPs during EASL Congress

Hepatology nurses and AHPs play an important role before and during the EASL Congress. They have an entire day dedicated to them, including the Nurses & AHPs Forum, poster tours, and oral presentations. EASL’s Nurses and AHPs Task Force will be chairing a large part of the events on this day, so it will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet and interact with them.

Nurses & AHPs on previous Congresses

Catch-up on the educational resources and the presentations from Nurses & AHPs at ILC 2020, ILC 2021, and ILC 2022.

EASL Viewpoints - Nurses testimonials

EASL Viewpoints are testimonials, interviews, and videos from healthcare professionals sharing what life is like on the frontlines. In their testimonials, liver nurses tell how their working life is affected by COVID-19 and what might be to come.

To honour International Nurses’ Day, we interviewed Liver Nurse Educator at the Leeds Liver Unit and Lecturer in Adult Nursing at the University of Leeds, Michelle Clayton. Additionally, Miss Clayton is a pioneer leader in hepatology nursing, and is the chair of EASL’s Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Task Force.

Read Michelle Clayton's testimonial

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hepatology nurse Pamela Ballotta, from the Multivisceral Transplant Unit and Unit of Gastroenterology, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova, Italy, describes how she and her nursing peers are adopting rigorous practices to carry forward.

Read Pamela Ballotta's testimonial
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