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Forging synergies between EASL and patient organisations to fight liver disease together

Calling patients to get arty in EASL’s Love Your Liver Patient Art Competition

When you are living with a challenging condition, engaging in art can provide relief – to counter the time spent in hospital, the grappling with science, the long waiting lists, balancing your hopes and expectations. We’re calling now on the patient community to set aside some time, roll up your sleeves, and get creative about what Love Your Liver means to you.

In collaboration with the EASL-affiliated patient organisations, EASL is delighted to be launching the ILC 2021 Love Your Liver Patient Art Competition. We are striving to improve the future of patient care and to underline that the arts in health practices can deliver genuine benefits to patients.

With this creative initiative, EASL supports the World Health Organization’s Sustainable Development Goal No. 3: to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Deadline: This contest is running from Thursday, 22 April to Monday, 14 June 2021, midnight CET.

EASL Patient Synergies

Goals of our collaboration

At EASL, we are boosting partnerships with umbrella patient organisations engaged in liver diseases. Our joint goals include increasingly to:

  • take into account the patient experience
  • consult on patient views on quality of life
  • better understand what patients need from healthcare professionals
  • promote the prevention of liver conditions

Building new synergies

EASL is building new opportunities to engage with umbrella patient organisations, aiming to:

  • share best practices
  • inspire joint initiatives and activities
  • coordinate and convey relevant messages

Calling for umbrella patient associations to partner with EASL

We are keen to join forces with umbrella organisations that are Europe-based and representing people affected by issues related to the liver. We want to share expertise with patient organisations that are patient-focused, patient-driven, established, and transparent.

Please contact EASL’s Advocacy, Policy and Public Health Coordinator, Yoanna Nedelcheva, to find out how we can partner with you.

Potential benefits to patient organisations

  • participating in the Patient Forum at EASL’s flagship congress, ILC
  • one ILC registration place, at no cost
  • relationships with leading EU hepatology associations
  • accessing leadership of member societies
  • requesting EASL endorsement
  • sharing relevant resources via the EASL website and news channels, including during the ILC

Member organisations

EASL is pleased to announce collaborations with these organisations:

Joining forces: Joint projects between EASL & umbrella patient associations

Ask EASL: podcast on COVID-19 vaccination in patients with liver disease

In this episode, Professor Markus Cornberg is joined by Dr Christiane Eberhardt and Professor Daniel Shouval to answer a range of questions raised by EASL’s Patient Synergies regarding the recently approved COVID-19 vaccinations. They address topics including the reasons for the rapid development of the vaccines, whether immunocompromised liver transplant patients should receive the vaccine, real-world data from vaccination programmes worldwide and the potential duration of immunity.

Click on the image to play the podcast.

EASL Patient Synergies Roundtable on Liver Cancer

On 4 February, a day before the start of our Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021, we held our EASL Patient Synergies Roundtable on Liver Cancer. It was organised by EASL and our EASL-affiliated patient associations.  A full range of the community attended the open interaction: liver patients from all liver disease areas including rare diseases, representatives from national liver associations, and experts. The Roundtable Discussion was organised around three topics identified by the EASL-affiliated patient associations. Watch recordings of the three key presentations here.

Patient Forum 2020: patients, science, and policy forging positive change

On 4 November 2020, EASL held its first online Patient Forum, a vibrant exchange exploring synergies between our association of professionals and regional patient organisations engaged in the fight against liver disease.  A dynamic, constructive debate took place on combining the forces of evidence-based EASL Policy Statements and the power of patient advocacy, to mobilise for positive change in public health.

Read more about the event

Watch below the two presentations on EASL ‘s Policy Statements on the Coexistence of ARLD and NAFL, and on the Drug Use and the Global Hepatitis C Elimination Goal.

Ask EASL: October 2020

On the occasion of liver cancer awareness month, we held an interview with Dr Massimo A. Iavarone, hepatologist at the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, Italy. We are putting questions from patient organisations to a specialist, who answers them clearly and accessibly.

Dr Iavarone answers key questions raised by two EASL-affiliated patient associations, both part of our EASL patient synergies collaboration: PSC Support, the leading organisation for anyone affected by primary sclerosing cholangitis, and Liver Patients International (LPI).

Click on the image to play the podcast.

Useful resources for patients organisations and patients

View resources of relevance to patient organisations: lay summaries, toolkits, webinars, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Policy Statements, videos, and more.

EASL Campus resources
Create your free account on EASL Campus to access patient-focused resources, including:

Journal of Hepatology lay summaries
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JHEP Reports lay summaries
Browse the lay summary archives

Eliminating hepatitis C

Reducing the burden of alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD)

About obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

User-friendly infographic on liver cancer

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