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Young Investigators (YIs) are hepatologists-in-training, under the age of 35, and an integral part of the community of EASL members.

We are proud to play a part in their academic development and to facilitate collaborations among this new generation of academics and more seasoned clinicians and experts. The community is led by the Young Investigators Task Force, who are in charge of organising specific educational initiatives for young hepatologists.

Join the community of YIs! Bookmark this page, check it continually, and share it with your colleagues so that together we can make this community grow.

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YIs learning programmes

EASL Fellowships

Are you a young scientist on a dynamic career path in hepatology? Are you exploring the next challenge, as you develop as a Young Investigator? Do you have novel, forward-looking research ideas that you are eager to implement?

EASL Mentorships

The EASL Mentorships Programme was created to stimulate scientific exchange and personal, developmental relationships  – notably with a more experienced and knowledgeable hepatologist guiding a Young Investigator through a crucial stage of their career path.


EASL Emerging Leader Award

The EASL Emerging Leader Award is an annual award, dedicated specifically to young fellows. Every year, the EASL Governing Board and Young Investigators Task Force select two YI Awardees, based on their international liver research achievements.


EASL supports Young Investigators by helping them attend EASL meetings. We offer two types of bursaries to the presenting authors only of the best accepted abstracts who are aged 35 or younger and/or are still in training.

Meet the YIs Task Force

Dr Marta Afonso (Portugal)
Dr Sabela Lens (Spain)
Dr Espen Melum (Norway)
Dr Salvatore Piano (Italy)
Dr Anna Saborowski (Germany)

The YIs Task Force advises the EASL Governing Board on specific educational initiatives for young hepatologists. Dr Tobias Böttler is the Governing Board representative at the YIs Task Force.

The EASL YIs Task Force took part in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, on 11 February 2021.

Discover below their statement on gender equality in science and the portraits of Marta Afonso, Sabela Lens, and Anna Saborowski.

As representatives of the new generation of hepatologists, we are committed to initiatives that empower female YIs to reach their full potential and participate equally in solving the challenges of hepatology. This implies encouraging policies aimed to counter existing inequalities in the career paths between genders. We believe that recognising the important contributions of women in hepatology will bring about changes in the traditional views of leadership.

YIs & the International Liver Congress™

The YIs Task Force is proactive in organising various activities for Young Investigators during the International Liver Congress™, such as:

  • YIs Seminars, dealing with topics of particular interest for YIs, but not covered by other sessions at the Congress
  • Dedicated YIs Sessions addressing practical questions from YIs, in an informal environment
  • The YI Award, honouring two YIs based on their international liver research achievements

Keep an eye on this page! The dedicated programme for ILC 2021 will be announced soon.

YIs Sessions at Digital ILC 2020

YIs Sessions at ILC 2019

Upcoming EASL Schools & masterclasses

EASL Schools serve to train up the next generation of hepatologists. They are aimed at both YIs enrolled in hepatology-oriented departments and at more experienced clinicians, wanting to learn about the latest trends in hepatology.
EASL Schools work on a flipped-classroom model: participants receive prereading materials/handouts and are expected to prepare different assignments in advance.

Discover the 2021 EASL Schools

School in Dusseldorf (Germany), 2019
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