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Get thinking at the Research Think Tanks

At the ILC Research Think Tanks, we’re presenting emerging and topical research in hepatology. Tune in to research bringing future changes in our field, including from the next generation of Young Investigators.  

Gain an overview, listen to experts, and unpack pertinent questions. Join us at a successful ILC Research Think Tank Tradition: bringing together groups engaged in cutting-edge topics with common interest, including consortia and other organisations 

Are you curious to know how it works? Each Think Tank runs for two hours. First, listen to two to four experts providing their overviews. Line up your questions. Then a substantial part of the session is devoted to interactive Q&A from you, the audience. If you are attending ILC 2022 online, post your questions in the chat.

Wednesday, 22 June, 8:30–10:30 BST, we’re offering a range of eight different Think Tanks in parallel.  

Come and hear from 22 members of our network and partners, including: Baveno, ICE-HBV, LITMUS, LiverScreen, EF-CLIF, ICA, ISHEN, ILCA, ENS-CCA, ESBRA, SALVE, Regenerative Hepatology Consortium, iPSCsg, AIHG, the Global PBC Study Group.  

Browse the topics to pick your favourite to watch live and mark it in your agenda. Bookmark those that interest you on the ILC platform and watch them on demand, at your leisure. 

Browse the Research Think Tanks sessions

A snapshot of the sessions

Research Think Tank: Roadblocks in risk stratification and drug development

This session is co-organised with LITMUS and LiverScreen.

Chaired by Quentin Anstee, Frank Lammert and Luca Valenti.

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Research Think Tank: Novel HBV therapy concepts: insights from experimental and clinical studies

This session is co-organised with ICE-HBV.

Chaired by Tobias Böttler and Fabien Zoulim.

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Research Think Tank: Baveno

This session is co-organised with BAVENO.

Chaired by Emmanuel Tsochatzis and Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao.

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Research Think Tank: Immune-mediated liver diseases: Novel pathogenetic and clinical insights

This session is co-organised with iPSCsg, AIHG and the Global PBC Study Group.

Chaired by Ulrich Beuers, Bettina Hansen, Rodrigo Liberal and Cyriel Ponsioen.

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Research Think Tank: A new vision of decompensated cirrhosis

This session is co-organised with CLIF, ICA and ISHEN.

Chaired by Paolo Angeli, François Durand, Virginia Hernández-Gea and Debbie L. Shawcross.

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Research Think Tank: Highlighting novel targets in immunotherapy for liver cancer: from bench to bedside

This session is co-organised with ILCA and ENS-CCA.

Chaired by Jesper Andersen, Jean-Charles Nault and Lorenza Rimassa.

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Research Think Tank: Hot topics in alcohol related liver disease – the frontier is moving

This session is co-organised with ESBRA and SALVE.

Chaired by Shilpa Chokshi, Aleksander Krag and Philippe Mathurin.

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Research Think Tank: Young Investigators in Regenerative Hepatology

This session is co-organised with the Regenerative Hepatology Consortium.

Chaired by Pedro Baptista and Saskia van Mil.

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