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About the Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives Coalition...

AASLD, ALEH, APASL, and EASL are the founding members of Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives: a global coalition for action which is a catalyst to drive action across the clinical, public health and policy level.

The coalition is a platform through which the Founding Members and partners collaborate on issues of global relevance where a united voice is needed to deliver change. The coalition originates from several years of work on NAFLD/MASLD, the range of activities and scope of issues covered may adapt over time as decided by the Council/Steering Group.


The formation of the Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives global coalition builds on 3 years of work led initially by EILF and since 2021 by EASL. Collaboration has been at the center of this work. Over 500 individuals and organizations spanning over 100 countries have engaged in these efforts, with multiple disciplines and sectors represented, including affected populations. As part of this process, in October 2022, delegates, including representatives from EASL, AASLD, ALEH (representatives from APASL were unable to attend), the Society on Liver Disease in Africa (SOLDA), the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), the European Society of Primary Care Gastroenterology (ESPCG), the Global NASH Council (GNC), United European Gastroenterology (UEG), the World Obesity Federation (WOF), and the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), gathered for 3 days of discussion at Wilton Park, a UK-based forum for strategic dialogue.

The Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives Coalition’s activities are supported by Boehringer Ingelheim, Echosens, MSD, and Novo Nordisk. Our industry partners have had no input into the content of the Health Livers, Healthy Lives Coalition’s activities.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A world free of liver diseases

Our Mission

To mobilise action for
liver diseases

Our Goal

Reducing the prevalence of liver diseases worldwide


Grow the HLHL coalition

Set an ambitious agenda for the coming years, and engage other organisations and stakeholders

Research Roadmap

Dissemination and development of strategies on how to implement the roadmap’s priorities in practice



Engagement with WHO and towards a better integration of liver health in the global health policy agenda

EU approach to non-communicable disease

Influence the EU policies for better integration of liver diseases


A global action agenda for turning the tide on fatty liver disease

Lazarus, Jeffrey al.  on behalf of the Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives Collaborators. Hepatology 79(2):p 502-523, February 2024. | DOI: 10.1097/HEP.000000000000054

Uniting to defeat steatotic liver disease: A global mission to promote healthy livers and healthy lives

Krag, Aleksander et al.
Journal of Hepatology, Volume 79, Issue 5, 1076 – 1078

A global research priority agenda to advance public health responses to fatty liver disease

Lazarus, Jeffrey V.Lazarus, Jeffrey V. et al.
Journal of Hepatology, Volume 79, Issue 3, 618 – 634


Steatotic Liver Disease – the missing piece in the NCD Puzzle
Under the theme: “Steatotic liver disease – the missing piece in the NCD puzzle”, EASL collaborated with representatives from the WHO, patient advocates, NCD Alliance, and more to discuss priorities and recommendations for the upcoming WHA77 agenda. This high level discussion called on Member States to recognise the importance of including liver health and involving people living with liver diseases, in the development and planning of policies.

More info

World Liver Day

International health days play a vital role in raising awareness for major health issues such as chronic liver diseases. World Liver Day strives to promote prevention campaigns, improve screening strategies, and increase access to timely and effective treatment.

WHA 76 Side Event

The event on the sidelines of WHA76 was the first time policymakers, Permanent Mission Representatives to the UN in Geneva, WHO staff, thought leaders and people affected by liver disease came together to strategise on how best to mobilise a coordinated response to MASLD.

Wilton Park

Developing a research and action roadmap for fatty liver disease: The dialogue held at Wilton Park from 17-19 October 2022 convened over 40 thought leaders to take a forward look at how the field is evolving, and to develop a research and action roadmap which will provide a foundation to guide and spur action on this neglected public health challenge in the decade ahead, along with developing a community to lead this agenda.

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