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Are you a young scientist on a dynamic career path in hepatology? Are you exploring the next challenge, as you develop as a Young Investigator? Do you have novel, forward-looking research ideas that you are eager to implement?

EASL provides scientists, women and men, with many opportunities throughout their careers as they climb to the top, step by step. Starting with a selection of EASL Fellowships offering you opportunities to excel, advance, network, and become a key member of the vibrant global hepatology community.

At EASL, you can find just the right fellowship for you: whether for your PhD or your post-doctoral qualifications, for short-term or longer-term goals.

Explore the fellowship categories and key benefits: types, funding amounts, deadlines, and conditions. Draw inspiration from the testimonials of former fellows and learn more about the research of current fellows. Apply now and join the community.

Testimonials - EASL hepatology fellowships

Choose the hepatology fellowship you are interested in:

Juan Rodés PhD Student Fellowship

Applications are now closed

You’re a young graduate firmly set on earning a PhD degree in basic, translational, or clinical hepatology. You already have an MSc, MD, or equivalent undergraduate degree to your name, equipping you to embark on a PhD (or you will graduate with one, within the next six months). You’re living anywhere in the world, but angling to study further at a European centre, different to your home institution.

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Sheila Sherlock Post-graduate Fellowship

Applications are now closed

You’re a promising, newly qualified postgraduate researcher, keen to expand your field of research. What’s more, you’re equipped and ready to develop your independent research career. You already have a PhD and/or an MD to your name, and no more than two years of postgraduate research experience, so you’re ready for the next challenge. You’re living anywhere in the world, but angling to study further at a European centre, different to your home institution.

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Andrew K. Burroughs Short-term Training Fellowship

Application Period: 15 Jan - 30 Mar
15 Jul - 01 Oct

You’re well on your career path, already a postgraduate investigator, whether in basic or clinical science, and needing a short, powerful career boost to take you up a level. You need to spend a three to six months at a foreign institution, to accomplish your focused research project or to learn an experimental procedure or methodology. Or perhaps you need to gain in-depth know-how of a sophisticated, clinical or diagnostic procedure not available where you currently are.

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EASL Daniel Alagille Award

Applications are now closed

You’re a promising, young scientist, exploring the frontiers of paediatric or adult genetic cholestatic diseases. You already have a PhD and/or an MD to your name and hold a full-time position at a European institution, where you are poised to take your research plan to the next level.

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EASL hepatology fellowships – General conditions for applicants

  • Interested candidates may apply to more than one programme, but each applicant can obtain only one hepatology fellowship
  • If you are an unsuccessful applicant from previous years, we encourage you to apply again
  • EASL fellows who received funding under the previous fellowship scheme (Physician Scientist Fellowships, Post-Doc Research Fellowship, Entry-level Research Fellowship until 2017 and the Daniel Alagille Award) are not eligible to apply for the same fellowship under the current fellowship scheme.  If you have obtained the Short-Term fellowship within the past two years this condition also applies to you
  • Successful applicants shall be active members for the full duration of the programme. Also they will need to provide testimonial and feedback on the fellowship experience
  • No restriction on the applicant’s nationality
  • The Hosting Institution must be different from the Home Institution and preferably located in a different European country
  • The research supervisor(s) in the hosting institution must be EASL member(s) and must not be member(s) of the EASL Governing Board
  • Candidates must be active EASL members or have applied for membership at the time of the application
  • Applications are submitted online in English at easl.eu
  • The hepatology fellowship should begin at the latest by the end of the year of the awarded grant
  • Any presentation or publication of the data should mention the support of the work by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)
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