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With the growth in the impact factor and the resulting increase in selection pressure, increasingly many good papers do not find a place in the Journal of Hepatology. After a careful analysis, EASL decided to launch a new open access journal, JHEP Reportswith the ambition of establishing a top-10 journal in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology, with an impact factor >7.

Let’s improve together the quality of research articles from JHEP Reports. Send your articles to JHEP Reports. 50% discount off the JHEP Reports open access publication fees for EASL members.

JHEP Reports will publish original papers, reviews, and letters to the Editor concerned with basic, translation and clinical research in the field of hepatology. The aim is to create an innovative journal that publishes content covering global issues in hepatology, with a specific focus on clinical trials, novel diagnostics, precision medicine and therapeutics, cellular and molecular research, metabolism, cancer, microbiome, systems biology, epidemiology, and biotechnology advances and devices.


  • Increase EASL’s footprint in clinical, translational and basic research in hepatology
  • Provide a home to authors who want to publish quickly and in a respected journal
  • Give a home to the many good papers that are rejected from Journal of Hepatology
  • Offer a Gold Open Access possibility to (European) hepatologists

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The current issue of JHEP Reports, EASL’s new journal, not surprisingly contains equally important papers that fuel our knowledge in several areas of hepatology with findings of high interest to the field.

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To better serve the demands of its members, in 2018 the EASL Governing Board decided to launch a second journal named JHEP Reports . This is happening amidst a changing landscape of publishing trends, with a strong orientation towards open…

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