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Get ready for the Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021

EASL is offering the liver community a collection of open-access educational resources on liver cancer, developed with worldwide experts in the field. These diverse resources range from the online HCC management course, to Clinical Practice Guidelines, Best of ILC Slide Decks, educational materials from EASL events, and a collection of articles from the Journal of Hepatology.

Liver Cancer free to access articles

Discover a collection of free to access articles on Liver Cancer from the Journal of Hepatology and JHEP Reports.


In this audio interview conducted on the occasion of liver cancer awareness month, Dr. Massimo A. Iavarone, hepatologist at the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, Italy, is answering key questions raised by the Liver Patients International (LPI) and PSC Support, two EASL-affiliated patient associations, both part of the EASL patient synergies project.
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Digital ILC 2020 Takeaways - Liver tumours

In this EASL Takeaway, Prof. Reig, Prof. Peck, and Prof. Reeves review the latest advances in cancer therapy, diagnostics, and prognostics presented at the congress.

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HCC online course

In this fascinating discussion, four of the leading experts in the field of HCC discuss the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of HCC.

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Digital ILC 2020 - congress resources

Experts and delegates from around the world discussed the latest research, novel treatments, and working together on improving patients’ lives.

Browse now through the congress resources, including Best of Digital Liver Tumours Slide Decks, abstract & interactive sessions, ePosters, and more.

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Replay Liver Cancer Summit 2020

The Liver Cancer Summit 2020 featured state of the art lectures on updated key aspects of HCC and CCA by renowned experts and rising stars covering a broad spectrum of topics.

Learn from the latest science on liver cancer, presented at the most important European summit on this topic.

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