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Rest assured that we are putting in place an innovative and engaging digital event for the liver community, enabling you to connect and learn via cutting-edge content.

How to access the digital platform

Important information

Before attending the event:

1. Make sure you test your system and make any necessary adjustments. We recommend you do this test well ahead of  joining the event. You can test your system on this link.

2. Make sure you have these basic settings in place:

  • Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Minimum 1.4 Mbps (megabits/second) internet connection
  • Allow Flash
  • Disable Pop-up Blockers
  • Do not use a connection via VPN (if possible)
  • We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox as browsers
  • Adjust your browser zoom for full view of the platform if needed.

3. If you need more information, read our simple technical guide so that you will be able to enjoy this event stress-free.

How can I plan my personal programme?
Go to the scientific programme. After you log in, you can select and add individual presentations by clicking on “Add to personal program” to build your own list. Click on “Personal program” to see your own list.

What are the access limitations on the Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021?
Access to all non-educational satellite or industry content is not granted to patients and non-prescriber delegates.
Access is limited to: 1 email / 1 access / 1 device.

Do I need to have a webcam for the event?
The webcam is not mandatory to attend the event.

How do I ask a question or make a comment during a live session?
Each live session will be followed by a Q&A discussion. You can use the chat or other interactive tools of the platform to interact with the presenters.

Will I be able to network and meet other virtual attendees?  
Yes, you will be able to network with other virtual attendees through the chat. Look on the upper right side for “Now attending”, see all the connected delegates and start interacting with them via the chat. Also, visit any room, see the delegates connected via “This location” and start discussing with them on specific topics.

Can I share my virtual conference login information with other members of my team?
Access is limited to: 1 email / 1 access / 1 device.

I can’t connect to the platform. What should I do?
Test your system using this link  and fix any issues.

Read our simple technical guide so that you can enjoy this event stress-free.
Make sure to have these basic settings in place:

  • Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Minimum 1.4 Mbps (megabits/second) internet connection
  • Allow Flash
  • Disable Pop-up Blockers
  • Do not use a connection via VPN (if possible)

If you still have problems, try opening the platform with different internet browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
Some companies have a proxy, firewall and internal IT that may block the platform. So if you login from your workplace and experience difficulties, try using an internet connection and/or device outside your workplace.

Is it best to connect on a PC/laptop, tablet, or mobile phone?
To get the best experience at this digital event, we strongly encourage you to connect using a laptop/PC.

Can I connect on multiple devices?
You can only connect on one device.

What do I need to attend the Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021?
To attend the digital congress, you require a valid registration, good internet connection, your computer/laptop and a headset/headphones.

Will the sessions be interactive?
Voting, interactive question and answer tools, and chat will be available in all live sessions. You will also be able to chat with all the delegates who are connected then.

Why is the photobooth not taking my picture?

  • If you are using your work devices, they can have strict privacy settings that block the camera.
  • The camera is blocked from accessing the browser. Please check your mobile/computer settings.
  • We recommend you to attend the event using the Firefox browser.

What time zone will the sessions be released in?
The official hour of the entire Digital Liver Cancer Summit is CET  (Central European Time).  You can use this website to convert CET into your local time.

I will not be available during 5-6 February. Will I still be able to access The Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021 content?
Yes, the content will be available from 5-6 February for all registered participants and then accessible on-demand on EASL Campus until 30 April 2021.

I forgot my password to connect to the event? How do I retrieve it?
If you have forgotten your password, please click here.

What is the registration deadline?
Registration will remain open throughout the summit dates (5-6 February). If you log in during the days of the event, please allow 1 hour before connecting.

Is it allowed to include QR codes on the posters?
We do allow QR codes linking to educational material only. We do not allow any promotional material.

I have further questions regarding registration. Who should I contact?
For any further queries, please contact:

For all the information related to abstracts, please visit the Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021 abstract page.

We hope you have solved your question. If you haven’t, please contact us using the following dedicated emails:


User-friendly digital platform

The Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021 will take place on the same amazing, easy-to-use and engaging platform that we used for the Digital ILC 2020. After the event, the delegates’ consensus was that “EASL has raised the bar” in terms of digital events for the liver community.

So get ready for another high-end event at Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021!

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