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Add to Calendar 2021-10-07 2021-10-09 America/Los_Angeles Bleeding, Thrombosis, and Vascular Liver Diseases Crowne Plaza Geneva | Geneva, Switzerland

Although the field of bleeding, thrombosis, and vascular liver diseases has matured tremendously over the past 20 years, high-quality clinical studies are still largely lacking.

We invite you to submit a one-page proposal for a clinical study that addresses an unsolved question in the field (prevention or treatment of bleeding or thrombosis in patients with liver diseases, or management of vascular liver diseases). These proposals can be randomised trials, non-randomised studies, or observational/retrospective studies.

During the event, the top three proposals will be discussed by the applicant, with the specific aim to improve the study design and to interest others to join the study. We encourage you to submit study proposals that are feasible but address an unmet need within the field. There may be a need for funding, and ideas for funding sources may be included in the proposal.

Please submit a one-page word or PDF file to celine.santo@easloffice.eu before 19 September. Notifications will be sent on 27 September.

Sessions overview

  1. State of the art: the aim is to review all the available evidence generated in the field of haemostasis and liver disease
  2. Bleeding and invasive procedures: the aim is to debate about the impact of haemostatic alterations on the development of post-procedural complications and to discuss the optimal management of patients under anticoagulation undergoing invasive procedures
  3. Mechanisms of portal vein thrombosis (PVT) in cirrhosis: the aim is to discuss the newly generated evidence regarding the pathogenesis of PVT and to outline the best treatment strategy in liver transplant candidates with PVT
  4. Antiplatelet agents in patients with NASH: the aim is to discuss how to manage coronary artery disease in patients with liver disease-associated coagulopathy
  5. Vascular liver disease: this session is dedicated to update the knowledge and revise the new data on vascular liver disease pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment
  6. Patients/nurses/ERN: the aim is to acknowledge the real need to empower patients and to include practitioner nurses and European regulatory agencies in order to advance in the knowledge of the field
  7. Controversies on management of thrombocytopenia: the aim is to discuss available strategies to treat patients with liver disease and low platelet levels
  8. Guidelines on coagulation and liver diseases: the aim is to discuss and compare recently published guidelines on management of bleeding and thrombosis in patients with liver disease
  9. Novelties in coagulation in liver diseases: this session aims to discuss recent studies evaluating coagulation in patients with liver disease
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