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Boost your career: Apply for EASL mentorships and fellowships

Take advantage of the EASL funding and mentorship opportunities to attain the next level in your research.

“The EASL Hepatology Fellowships are a great opportunity, not only to get financial support, but also to attend and present results at the ILC, an event that gathers worldwide experts in the field of hepatology.”
Teresa Cardoso Delgado, PhD – Liver Disease Lab, Vizcaya, Spain

The Daniel Alagille Award (2 year fellowship)

The purpose of this fellowship is to encourage biomedical research in the field of paediatric and adult genetic cholestatic diseases.

Application period now open: 30 Oct. – 30 Nov. 2019

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EASL mentorship programmes

Be mentored and receive career development advise from Key Opinion Leaders in the liver field.

The programme is not simply about answering ad hoc questions or providing occasional help, it is about establishing an ongoing relationship through continuous learning and dialogue.

Application period now open: 30 Oct. – 30 Nov. 2019

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Other EASL fellowships that might be of interest to you

PhD Student Fellowship Juan Rodes

Post-graduate fellowship Sheila Sherlock

Application period: 30 Sept. – 30 Nov. 2019

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