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The landscape of liver cancer is changing. With recent progress in the treatment and elimination of the hepatitis C virus (HCV), liver tumours caused by viral hepatitis are becoming less common.

Yet a worsening obesity epidemic is shifting liver cancer towards a greater prevalence of metabolic disease-related tumours. Improving our understanding of the mechanisms of liver cancer and developing new therapies remains crucial.

Discover the Liver Tumours Track at the Digital International Liver Congress™ 2020

The Liver Tumours Track at The Digital ILC 2020 will showcase the latest advances and equip clinicians for the coming challenges in the field of liver cancer.

To access the latest research on the mechanisms responsible for liver cancer and evaluations of the promise of new immunotherapies, click on each image and browse the congress sessions dedicated to Liver Tumours.

Best of  Liver Tumours from ILC 2019

Immune-based therapies beyond advanced HCC

Best of ILC 2019 Slide Deck on Liver Tumours

Prepare yourself for The Digital ILC 2020

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Over 470 resources on Liver Tumours on EASL Campus

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