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International Liver Congress™ 2021, 23–26 June

Your live  EASL Campus experience

The International Liver Congress™ 2021, our flagship congress, is delivered to you on our online learning platform, EASL Campus. ILC 2021 is all about beating liver disease together. We will tackle this challenge from multiple perspectives, drawing on multidisciplinary expertise. ILC 2021 will be your live EASL Campus experience, enabling you to broaden your knowledge and build bridges, between people and areas of expertise. Getting onto EASL Campus offers you the perfect mix of mingling and learning.

We are pleased to announce new dates: ILC 2021 will take place from Wednesday to Saturday, 23–26 June.  

Calling upon our international, multi-generational network and employing a range of learning methods, we will draw inspiration from the evolution of science. Together.

ILC 2021 will have a richer-than-ever scientific programme

ILC 2021 scientific programme will be richer than ever – multifaceted, many formats, offering worldwide access and lively person-to-person engagement. We have perfected the programme format and content, thanks to both our 2020 experience and to your feedback.

The sessions will be structured with clear track visibility, so delegates can locate their area of interest quickly and easily. Three areas will be given special emphasis:  Basic Science; Liver Transplantation and Surgery; and Public Health. The framework of the six thematic EASL tracks remains: Cirrhosis and Complications; General Hepatology; Immune-mediated and Cholestatic Diseases; Liver Tumours; Metabolism, Alcohol, and Toxicity; and Viral Hepatitis.

Your live  EASL Campus experience 

ILC 2021 will be a renewed opportunity for the global liver community to connect and join forces to beat liver diseaseFor the first time ever, this will be on our eLearning platform, EASL Campus.

EASL rose to the challenge of a digital meeting, rolling out Digital ILC 2020. At ILC 2021, we will raise the bar higher still. It will be even more streamlined, providing you with innovative opportunities to connect and exchange before, during, and after the event. EASL Campus is the ideal setting for such dynamic educational sharing.

Networking with the healthcare industry

Our healthcare industry partners will contribute timely updates and developments. In the exhibitors’ area, you can view videos, read product updates, discover guidelines, and explore R&D and emerging diagnostic tools, not to mention studies in the pipeline. Watch their presentations in the Industry Symposia, ask questions, and take the opportunity to network one to one with industry representatives.

ILC 2021 grows from strength to strength

In 2019, ILC content was streamed worldwide, for those unable to travel to Vienna.

The following year, EASL took on the unique challenge and achievement of holding our first ever Digital ILC – interactive, entirely online, with unprecedented global reach. We will harvest the best of what we learned from your feedback to make ILC 2021 an even better experience. We will be fine-tuning our congress all the way, as worldwide trends emerge, as COVID-19 evolves, and as you tell us what you think.

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