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Season 3, Episode 3 - Primary biliary cholangitis: a look at the future landscape of therapy for patients

In honour of Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) awareness month, this EASL studio will be discussing the future therapy-landscape for patients by highlighting:

  • The importance of correctly diagnosing PBC
  • The need of addressing both symptoms and liver disease severity
  • Current and future approaches for treating PBC

Faculty: Prof. Gideon Hirschfield (Moderator), Dr Femi Adekunle (Faculty, Advanz Pharma representative), Dr Stuart Kendrick (Faculty, GSK representative), Prof. Ana Lleo (Faculty), Dr Charles A. McWherter (Faculty, CymaBay representative), Dr Claudia Zein (Faculty, Ipsen representative).

This EASL Studio is supported by Advanz Pharma, CymaBay, GSK and Ipsen.

ℹ The episode will be broadcasted live on this page.

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