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In this video, we interview Prof. Jessica Zucman-Rossi, Editor-in-Chief of EASL’s open-access journal, JHEP Reports, and Director of the Cordeliers Research Center, Paris. She explains how the current rush for publishing on COVID-19 may affect the quality of science publishing.


From the COVID-19 research frontline, Prof. Zucman-Rossi describes the publishing options typically available to researchers, and their inherent risks and opportunities. As a scientist and journal editor, she emphasises the non-negotiables of research, qualities that must prevail no matter the urgency of the pandemic.

She warns against publishing too much, too fast, without following the correct processes and reminds scientists of their accountability to the wider public, but encourages her colleagues to remain optimistic, to persevere, working swiftly, yet cautiously.


Questions discussed:

  1. There is an urgent call for open-access research. What are the pros and cons of this?
  2. What kind of journal publishing do you wish to see in future?
  3. How might this pandemic affect science publishing?
  4. Do you have a message for your fellow scientists?

Disclaimer: As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, treatment strategies are being developed and adjusted accordingly. EASL Viewpoints serve as snapshot interviews from the frontline and are intended to reflect the experiences at the time of the interview only.

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