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On 22 May 2023, EASL convened a ground-breaking event on the sidelines of the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA76) in partnership with national and regional liver associations, sister organisations in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and patient advocates. The event marked the first formal engagement of WHO in discussions on MASLD and provided an important milestone in the long process of fully integrating MASLD in WHO’s NCD portfolio. Consistent engagement and advocacy with the World Health Organization is critical in advancing the global agenda on MASLD. Therefore, on  31st January 2024, directly following the 154th WHO Executive Board meeting (EB154), EASL will convene a multi-stakeholder discussion to raise the profile of liver diseases on the global stage. Under the theme: “Steatotic liver disease – the missing piece in the NCD puzzle”, EASL will collaborate with representatives from the WHO, patient advocate, NCD Alliance, and more to discuss priorities and recommendations for the upcoming WHA77 agenda. This high level discussion will call on Member States to recognise the importance of including liver health and involving people living with liver diseases, in the development and planning of policies.

This event is brought to you by the Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives Coalition.

Key topics to be addressed

  1. Why does SLD need to be captured in NCD frameworks, policies, and guidelines?
  2. What links exist between SLD and existing NCD priorities that can be aligned to improve overall health and wellbeing?
  3. The update of the WHO ICD code – new nomenclature of steatotic liver disease

The Health Livers, Healthy Lives Coalition’s activities are supported by MSD. MSD have had no input into the content of the Health Livers, Healthy Lives Coalition’s activities.

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