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Call for nominations for two new Scientific Committee members to join the EASL Governing Board

Are you deeply engaged in both hepatology and science and ready to get involved in EASL’s governance?   

EASL is now calling for nomination of two new Scientific Committee members to join the Governing Board. The term for these members is from the International Liver Congress (ILC) 2021 (end-June 2021) to ILC 2024. 

 Please note: 

  • particular attention will be paid to candidates with a strong background in liver cancer or in cirrhosis/portal hypertension/alcohol-related liver diseases 
  • particular attention will be paid to woman candidates to maintain gender balance in the EASL scientific committee, in accordance with the EASL equality, diversity, and inclusion policy statement 
  • the candidate must be living in a European country, as defined by the World Health Organization 
  • the following countries are excluded from this call, as they are already represented in the Scientific Committee: Germany, Italy, The Netherlandsand the United Kingdom
  • the candidate must be under 48 years of age in June 2021 (in the case of maternity leave, the eligibility age is calculated by deducting 18 months per child from the applicant’s actual age) 
  • the candidate must be an EASL member when applying

The call is open from 15 December 2020 to 10 January 2021. 

Your application should include: 

  • a letter of motivation and your aspirations to join the Scientific Committee. 
  • an updated CV 
  • a summary of your scientific achievements (list of your publications, h-index, grant income) 
  • the completed application form

Please download the submission form here. Then send your completed application to with the subject line: EASL Scientific Committee Application 

 You are welcome to consult the EASL equality, diversity, and inclusion policy statement

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