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Each year, EASL recognises excellence within the hepatology community. From the EASL Recognition Award to the Fellowship Programme members are awarded for their outstanding achievements throughout the year.

The Mentorship Programme was created as a means of enhancing scientific exchange and personal developmental relationships in which a more experienced and knowledgeable hepatologist would guide a young investigator through a crucial stage of their career path.

Andrés Conthe
Thomas Berg
Coskun Ozer Demirtas
Maurizia R. Brunetto
Iuliana Nenu
Prof. Olivier Chazouilleres, MD
Dr Marta Afonso
Peter R. Galle, MD, PhD
Dr. Vitor Magno Pereira
Michael Trauner
Prof. Mario Strazzabosco
Dr. Maria Chiara Sorbo
Prof. Jean-François Dufour
Dr Emma Andersson
Dr. Sharat Varma
Prof. Dr. U.H.W. Beuers
Dr. Nina Kimer
Prof. Marsha Y Morgan, MD
Dr. Jelena Martinov
Dr. Georgina Minzala
Prof. Dominique-Charles Valla
Alina Habic
Prof. Peter L.M. Jansen, MD, PhD
Natalia Tikhonova
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