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Sessions highlights

Development of registries and cohorts studies on Liver Cancer
  • Understanding methodological and clinical issues
  • Highlighting strengths and limitations of these approaches
  • How to set up these efforts?
How can we improve HCC screening and non-invasive diagnosis?
  • Identification of high-risk patients
  • Defining alternative strategies to US lack of sensitivity
  • Will the future favour circulating biomarkers or innovation in imaging for early diagnosis?
Epigenomics and a roadmap to epigenetic-based therapies
  • IDH mutational subgroups and epi-therapies on the horizon
  • Status of epigenetic regulation in early liver lesions
Untangling cirrhosis in liver cancer
  • How did changes in liver disease epidemiology modify HCC therapeutic management?
  • Assessment of portal hypertension and liver failure in HCC patients
Immunology and the liver
  • Understanding the role of immune cells in liver cancers
  • Status of immunotherapy and immune components from a histological view
Design of clinical trials for adjuvant and locoregional strategies
  • Moving boundaries in HCC management using combination strategies
  • Lessons learnt from CCK adjuvant management
  • Methodological aspects of patients selection
  • Towards biomarkers discovery and future trial enrichment?
The liver microenvironment and metabolism
  • The role of mitochondrial oxidation in liver metabolism
  • The impact of lipid regulation on liver cancers
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