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27-29 Sep 2023

Topic: All topics

Organised by: ISHEN

Location: Wandelhalle | Bad Zwischenahn, Germany

Meeting Type: EASL endorsed events


The ISHEN Symposium 2023 is taking place in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany).

Learn about:

  • the possible role of the blood brain barrier and the glymphatic
  • system in the development of HE
  • extracellular vesicles and their role in development, diagnosis and
  • therapy of HE
  • differences and similarities of HE in children and adults
  • risk factors for the development of HE
  • new therapeutic approaches


  • the role of infection, inflammation and ammonia in the development of HE
  • the various experimental models of HE
  • the difficulties in differentiating HE from encephalopathy due to accompanying disorders
  • current methods for diagnosing mHE
  • HE as indication or contraindication for liver transplantation
  • HE as contraindication and side effect of TIPSS
  • the effect of underlying liver diseases upon the development and presentation of HE with special consideration of NASH/NAFLD, alcoholism, autoimmune liver diseases, hepatitis or Wilson’s disease, for example

More information on https://www.ishen.org/

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