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Our call to action

  1. We recognise fatty liver disease as an important and neglected global health threat that affects 1 in 3 adults around the world,  and that the burden of fatty liver disease continues to grow, contributing to morbidity and mortality globally, including liver cancer.
  2. We note the unmet needs of affected communities, from prevention efforts to treatment and care, and the need to consider affected communities as equal partners in the response.
  3. We believe that through a combination of political will, the coming together of key stakeholders, and scientific advancement the rising trend in the burden of fatty liver disease can be reversed.
  4. We call on all stakeholders, including professional societies across the NCD landscape; people living with liver disease; NCD civil society; Ministries of Health; WHO and other multilateral organisations, to:
    1. Work together to increase awareness of fatty liver disease, including promotion of new terminology;
    2. Work towards the coherent integration of fatty liver disease into existing NCD policies, guidelines and strategies at the local, national and global levels which in turn will enable more efficient and effective responses to fatty liver disease and all NCDs;
    3. Involve affected communities at all stages of the response;
    4. Improve the equitable access to diagnosis and treatment especially in low and middle income countries;
    5. Address the need for responses, at the local, national and global levels.
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