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EASL–AASLD HCC Endpoints, 28–29 October 2021

We are delighted to announce the EASL–AASLD HCC Endpoints meeting on clinical trial design and endpoints in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), taking place as a virtual meeting 28–29 October 2021. Despite recent advances in the medical management of HCC, it still remains a major healthcare problem. HCC prevention, early detection, and clinical management are challenging in a space where scientific advances are occurring at a rapid pace.  

This joint meeting between EASL and AASLD will discuss current trends in prevention, risk stratification, and local and systemic treatments for HCC. It will emphasise topics related to the role of the immune system in carcinogenesis and treatment of HCC. It will value the growing role of patient-reported outcomes on trial design and treatment decisions. This event will also explore how to incorporate molecular markers in treatment decision for HCC patients. We will discuss how these changes have impacted clinical trial design and endpoints in HCC research.  

Learning objectives for the event

  • understanding the singularities of clinical trial design in HCC, given underlying liver disease 
  • becoming familiar with the different clinical endpoints being used in clinical research, including their pros and cons  
  • learning about the current and emerging trends on prevention, risk stratification, and treatment of HCC 

Target audience

Clinicians and scientists involved in the clinical management or investigation of patients with HCC, including: 

  • hepatologists 
  • oncologists 
  • interventional radiologists 
  • surgeons 
  • radiation oncologists 
  • diagnostic radiologists 
  • pathologists 
  • basic/translational scientists, and 
  • biostatisticians  

Learning objectives for each session

  • discussing current and emerging prevention and follow-up strategies 
  • identifying immune targets that could be used for prevention  
  • learning about risk stratification 
  • understanding the role of patient-reported outcomes in clinical trial design 
  • gaining an update on current and emerging management strategies of localised and systemic HCC 
  • understanding the point of view of regulatory agencies and of the industry 
  • exploring the HCC molecular profile 


  • clinical trial design and endpoints 
  • immune-based therapies 
  • HCC prevention 
  • patient-reported outcomes 
  • molecular profiling and classification 
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