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Making the most of ILC 2021

Welcome to ILC 2021!  During the four next days you will have the privilege of taking part in one of the world’s leading meetings in the field of hepatology. To help you get the best out of this not-to-be-missed event, taking place online, we have created a series of tips.

Gearing up for the event

To experience a smooth journey, it helps to get familiar with the platform well before the beginning of the event. For ILC 2021, the 30-Day Challenge is the perfect way to get used to the platform quickly. It consists of a series of mini challenges to execute before, during, and after ILC 2021. Each successfully completed challenge will unlock the next one. So you can cross the finishing line, swiftly.

Create a good, complete profile. This will be your visiting card for networking. Spend some time on it by uploading a nice picture of yourself (e.g. using our dedicated photobooth), sharing your areas of interest, what you are looking for in the event, and entering your contact details and social media accounts.

Having a complete profile will allow you to connect more easily with your peers, before and during the event.

Have an overview of the sessions available and mark those of interest to you with the “My Agenda” feature.

Avoid using VPN because it might interfere with the access to the ILC 2021.

Log in on your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop to determine which device will offer you the best ILC journey.

Throughout the event

Each live session will be followed by a Q&A discussion. Use the chat or other interactive tools of the platform to interact with the presenters.

In some sessions, voting will also be available.

Once your profile is complete, the platform will use artificial intelligence to generate matchmaking tailored just to you, so you can connect with peers who have the same interests as you.

Make sure to catch up on every session you missed via the on-demand feature that makes every session available soon after it has broadcasted live. This is a perfect solution if you cannot attend two fascinating sessions happening simultaneously, or if you don’t live in the CET time zone.

Contribute to making ILC 2021 a spirited event by sharing your thoughts and discoveries via our dedicated channels below, using the following hashtags:










You can also follow the ILC 2021 Twitter ambassadors:

Read the Daily News, summarising the highlights for the day. Check your email inbox!

Feel free to chat with EASL staff. You can discover all our EASL offers on the EASL & Co area.

ILC, like other prestige events, offers delegates special features, opportunities to enjoy lighter and entertaining moments, in between sessions. For ILC 2021, aside from the 30-Day Challenge, the photobooth corner will allow you to relax while creating enjoyable memories of your participation. You can also update your profile picture there and share your new photos on social media.

Throughout the 4-day ILC 2021, we’ll be broadcasting live from #EASLstudio in Geneva. Tune in to hear from EASL leadership, global Key Opinion Leaders, and other experts. They will be reflecting on what’s hot at ongoing live event, the dramatic experiences of the last year, what awaits us in the congress daily, plus reflections on the learnings of the day. The #EASLstudio is a chance for you to connect, relax, and reflect.

Relax and reflect: After the event

The EASL Takeaways highlight key topics from the congress, with leading experts discussing the most impactful science and putting it in context. The post-ILC Takeaways will be available in September 2021. So keep an eye on your email inbox.

If you missed some sessions, make sure to go to EASL Campus by 30 August. You can watch them on demand, at your convenience.

Fitting with the calibre of the event, ILC 2021 has been accredited 26 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for attending the event live.

To get these credits, you need to take the post-event survey. The survey represents a great opportunity for you to share what you liked about the event and what you think could be improved.

Your CME certificate, providing credits according to your live attendance, will be downloadable later, as of 1 September 2021.

Tips for speakers

Create your best-possible video appearance, by:

  • setting up a proper lighting, so delegates can see you well. Information is conveyed by body language, too.
  • setting up proper sound, so that delegates will not miss a single second of your presentation.
  • using a pleasant, neutral background to spare delegates from distractions.

Adapt your pace to your audience

  • If you are native English-speaker and your audience is international, speak clearly and a little slower than usual.
  • If you are not a native English-speaker, rehearse your presentation and practise, particularly the words or phrases that you may mispronounce, so that the delegates will understand you perfectly.

Tips for industry

Prepare outstanding booths, equipped with all the relevant websites ready and properly linked.

Upload interesting, engaging, and informative documents.

Promote your Industry Symposia on social media to secure maximum reach.

How about you? Have you already taken part in the ILC? Share your experiences and memories below!

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