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This policy statement is intended for the general public, affected communities, and policymakers. In parallel, intended for healthcare professionals, an article titled “EASL position paper on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in people with chronic liver diseases, hepatobiliary cancer and liver transplant recipients” was  published, 6 February 2021,  in the Journal of Hepatology. Download the…

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View 15 one-pager lay summaries on articles published in the Journal of Hepatology in July 2020, each one with bulleted highlights and a graphical abstract. View more in the Journal of Hepatology lay summaryarchives. Topics covered include: NAFLD and alcohol-related liver diseases viral hepatitis DILI, autoimmune, cholestatic and genetic diseases cirrhosis and liver failure hepatic…

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This lay summary of the guidance in the EASL–ESCMID Position Paper and is intended to be read alongside local and national guidance about COVID-19. This lay summary, a collaboration between EASL and patient advocates and associations, outlines: • how healthcare providers are minimising COVID-19 transmission • what changes to expect in your care during the pandemic • what to expect if you get COVID-19 • prioritisation of patients for some tests and procedures.

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This accompanying toolkit provides offers step-by-step advice on: helping patient associations to communicate accurate information about COVID-19 to patients advising on the use of social media and newsletters to make communication with patients easier tips on how advocacy can be used to improve the situation and treatment of liver disease patients.

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