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The LANCET-EASL Commission on liver diseases in Europe: Overcoming unmet needs, stigma, and inequities

Worldwide, liver diseases are on the rise, yet patients with liver disease are still experiencing stigma, resulting in a barrier to liver disease awareness and inequity in access to appropriate care. 

The Lancet–EASL Commission will identify key challenges and opportunities for tackling the increasing health burden and the changing and diverse landscape of liver diseases in Europe. The Commission will quantify the burden of liver disease in Europe and examine evidence-based health policies that can reduce liver deaths and health inequities, alongside increasing government revenues for health systems dealing with liver diseases. This Commission will address optimal standards of care for patients with liver diseases, particularly closing gaps between primary and secondary care physicians; tackling inequity throughout European countries, both for patients and clinical and research infrastructures; the role of specialty groups beyond hepatology in the multidisciplinary management of liver diseases; improving awareness and education of primary care physicians; and overcoming the stigmatisation of patients with liver diseases.

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