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EASL Statement on Resmetirom FDA approval

After over 20 years of dedicated research and drug development, the FDA has granted approval for the first anti-MASH drug. This marks a pivotal moment for patients battling MASH, whose quality of life and long-term prognosis have been greatly affected by this challenging disease. 

For those where lifestyle modifications alone aren’t enough, there is now hope with the availability of Resmetirom.

Resmetirom has been licensed for patients with non-cirrhotic NASH and liver fibrosis, providing a much-needed treatment option for those with significant or advanced fibrosis. It is important to note that alongside this medication, diet and exercise remain fundamental pillars of management, as emphasised by the FDA.

EASL eagerly anticipates the global availability of this treatment and is optimistic that this milestone will spur the development of further drugs to combat MASH. 

While this approval is a significant victory, there’s still work to be done, particularly for patients with cirrhosis who currently lack approved drug treatment options.

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