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EASL’s Annual Report 2021: Emerging through the pandemic

7 July 2022

At ILC 2022, we released our Annual Report 2021 to the community. Discover how we turned stumbling blocks into steppingstones through 2021: running onsite and online events with creativity and innovation, boosting our educational and digital offerings, running schools to boost skills, launching prestigious and pioneering publications, awarding excellence among young hepatologists, garnering global media coverage, and much more.

Although 2021 brought us unexpected obstacles via the iterations of COVID-19, EASL reacted with agility, turning stumbling blocks into steppingstones. We have navigated uncertain terrain, proving that challenging times can catalyse creativity and innovation. The European Year of the Youth, 2022, serves to shine a light on the importance of young people living in Europe to build a better future. We will draw inspiration from young hepatologists, showing us how and where exchange takes place. We will not only lead, but also follow,

wrote Prof. Thomas Berg, our Secretary General, and Prof. Aleksander Krag, our Vice Secretary, in their jointly authored welcome message of the Annual Report 2021.

Simultaneously, on 20 June, Profs Berg and Krag also published an Editorial in the Journal of Hepatology, outlining the new four-year management strategy.

Read the Editorial, “Thriving in turbulent times: EASL reflects on 2021, looking to 2022 and beyond”, to find out about how our association will evolve in vision and leadership, and in the serving of our community.

Through this second year of the pandemic, EASL leadership and office staff strove to keep serving our community, uniting hepatology. We express heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed, members of our Boards, Committees, and Task Forces, the speakers and faculty at our events, and the delegates, who bring their curiosity and expertise.

We deeply appreciate you, our community, for your dedication to serving patients, and your commitment to EASL activities. We look forward to forging new paths in hepatology with you.

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