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On the go? Here’s the Saturday recap.

Overview of the day

On this final day of the Digital ILC 2020, the Daily News features the Nurses and AHP Forum, the late breaking oral abstract presentations, and the latest on precision medicine in the management of NAFLD.

In honour of the 200th anniversary of the birth of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, the WHO has designated 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”. In that spirit, today saw a packed programme of state-of-the-art lectures, Meet the Expert and Case Study sessions, and oral abstract and poster presentations, all dedicated to nurses and allied health professionals (AHPs)

Also in today’s edition – in this unsettling and unprecedented year, COVID-19 has changed daily life and health across the globe! An animated session delved into the impact of the pandemic on liver disease management and research, exploring how COVID-19 affects the liver and how pre-existing liver disease might influence the virus.

Other highlights from today included the best of the best in liver disease research selected by our panel of distinguished experts in the Digital ILC 2020 Wrap Up session, and the final instalments of our Meet the Expert sessions on acute kidney injury in patients with cirrhosis and managing patients with hepatitis D.

Get the most out of Digital ILC 2020

Turning the tide on alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

The EASL community adds to the growing knowledge of COVID-19 as a multi-organ disease

2020 – Celebrating the Year of the Nurse

NAFLD management in the future: is precision medicine the way forward?

EASL recognizes outstanding contributions to hepatology

Videos of the day

Enjoy this sparkling tribute to EASL’s first ever Digital ILC 2020. COVID-19 brought tremendous challenges, but we rose to the occasion and launched our flagship conference digitally – to great success.

On the final day of Digital ILC2020, we interviewed PhD nursing candidate, Neus Llarch, to hear her perspective on the conference.

The eLearning Hub, EASL Campus, offers opportunities to all members of the liver community to increase your expertise in hepatology. Hear about it from our Secretary-General, Prof Newsome and Head of Science, Dr Mounia Heddad-Masson.

EASL Campus materials include online courses, conference webcast libraries, eposters, and slide decks. Take a visual tour of the contents available to you.Watch these two videos to explore the features.

Virtual events can be tremendously enriching and fun. We can reach a broader global audience than onsite ones. Enjoy this whistlestop tour of our EASL social media from Digital ILC 2020.

More to explore

  • Meet the EASL Office at the Community Hub
  • Tune into #EASLstudio for expert discussions broadcasting live from Geneva twice a day
  • In between sessions, pop into the EASL Lounge to connect, relax, and explore
  • At the Selfie Station in EASL Lounge, send in a snapshot of your Digital ILC experience
  • After the congress, you’ll receive the highlights neatly packaged as Digital ILC Takeaways
  • If you’re needing technical assistance, stop by at the Help Desk

Join the #EASLshare competition

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EASL is encouraging Digital ILC 2020 delegates to take part in the  first ever EASL Share competition. Delegates are invited to enter something creative, anything from a creative image, drawing, or a piece of your own music to a highlight of your participation in any form at Digital ILC 2020.

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