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16 Mar 2023

Topic: All topics

Location: Online

Meeting Type: EASL meetings


Basic research is the basis of medical discovery. Through it, we learn fundamental biological, molecular, and chemical information about life and disease that could be ultimately translated into clinical benefits. Training of future translational scientists is, thus, critical for the advance of the medicine. Importantly, basic science/translational studies have unique challenges inherent in this type of investigation. Enjoy a quick, but comprehensive, guide to basic science experimental design in hepatology.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify unmet clinical needs and address them by basic research
  • Design high-impact translational studies
  • Common data analysis pitfalls in basic science research
  • How to write a successful research grant application

Faculty: Prof. Saskia van Mil, Dr Jana Christopher and Dr Panu Luukkonen
Moderators: Dr Marta Afonso and Dr Johanne Poisson


  • How to design impactful studies from a hypothesis to a study design (20 min)
  • Better safe than sorry – imaging fraud (20 min)
  • How to write a successful grant application (20 min)
  • Panel discussion (30 min)

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