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Key Dates

  • 21 Nov, 2022 - 15 Jan, 2023 Application period
  • 07 - 08 Jul, 2023 School dates

EASL School: Clinical dilemmas in cirrhosis: an approach from the evidence to the decision

A dedicated clinical school on the use of concepts and skills of evidence-based care to solve controversial real-life problems in the management of cirrhosis. The course will focus on those areas of cirrhosis management where agreement is far from being settled, including use of beta-blockers and anticoagulation, TIPS to prevent recurrence and re-compensation. The course will follow a model of small group workshops to guide students through critically appraisal techniques of the evidence and its translation into practice as recommendation. The study will rely on local expertise from hepatologists and methodology researchers from the liver units of tertiary hospitals from Madrid, Spain. During the 2-day course students will have the opportunity to learn about the background of clinical controversies in this area of clinical practice. Attendees will then undertake case-based group sessions, facilitated by the faculty to understand how published research can be used in practice to develop graded recommendation/statements of the addressed clinical problems. These sessions will then form the basis of a final plenary session presented by the delegates for shared discussion with the faculty. 

School Organisers:  Prof. Agustín Albillos, Dr. Rosa Martín-Mateos, Prof. Javier Zamora, Prof. Rafael Bañares and Dr. José Luis Calleja. 

Learning objectives

  • To learn how to formulate an answerable structured clinical question on a controversial problem in clinical Hepatology 
  • To understand decision-making on the integration of the best scientific knowledge, the circumstances and preferences of the specific patient, and professional clinical experience. 
  • To gain knowledge to critically appraise the best available evidence for each clinical question and to translate evidence into practice as a graded recommendation 
  • To improve individual and group working skills and to promote the collaboration needed to reach consensus in controversial areas of Hepatology 

Target audience

  • Hepatologists 
  • Gastroenterologists 

Top 3 reasons to attend

  • State of art update on cirrhosis management controversies 
  • Develop skills on evidence-based care to solve real-life problems in clinical Hepatology 
  • Networking with organisers and delegates to support ongoing practice in the management of cirrhosis 

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Key Dates

  • 21 Nov, 2022 - 15 Jan, 2023 Application period
  • 07 - 08 Jul, 2023 School dates
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