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Key Dates

  • 26 - 27 Apr, 2024 School days

Meet the organisers

Anna Saborowski

Anna Saborowski is a physician scientist and part of the GI oncology team in the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Hannover Medical School, Germany.

In line with her clinical interests, her research focuses on the molecular underpinnings of hepatobiliary malignancies. Following her postdoctoral research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, she started her independent research group in 2015. Anna is well acquainted with the challenges that come with pursuing both clinical work and basic research while having a family, and she is especially dedicated to encourage young scientists to embark on a career in hepatology with confidence. Anna has served as a principal investigator and gender representative in the collaborative research center “Liver Cancer” funded by the German Research Foundation, and was part of the EASL YI task force from 2020 – 2023. She is the recipient of the Johann-Georg Zimmermann award for Cancer Research 2022 and the UEG”Rising Star” award 2023. Anna is a member of the EASL clinical guidelines committee for extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, of the Platon precision oncology network and the German Liver Cancer Study Group.

Peter Schirmacher

Peter Schirmacher is Pathologist and Molecular Pathologist and Director of the Institute of Pathology of Heidelberg University and Coordinator of the Liver Cancer Center Heidelberg (LCCH), the Center for Personalized Medicine (ZPM) Heidelberg, and the BioMaterialBank Heidelberg (BMBH).

Peter Schirmacher’s research interest centers around Liver Pathology, Liver Carcinogenesis and Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Development. He has published more than 800 papers including Journals, such as Cell, Science, Nature, Nat Med, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, J Hep and Gut and has been member of numerous editorial boards, including J Hep and Hepatology.  He has been coordinator of several large research consortia, expecially on liver cancer (e.g. SFB/TR79 (2010-15) and SFB/TR209 (2017-23)) and has been member of many national and international (EASL, ESMO) boards of liver-related clinical guidelines. He is member of the German Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina (since 2012), numerous scientific societies and has chaired several of them, such as the German Society of Pathology (2012-2019), the International Liver Pathology Society, and the German Association for the Study of the Liver. He is member of the Executive Council (since 2015) and President elect (2023-25) of the European Society of Pathology.

Arndt Vogel

Arndt Vogel, MD, is managing senior consultant and professor in the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology at Hannover Medical School.  He is head of the GI-Cancer Center and of the center for personalized medicine at Medical School Hannover.

Prof. Vogel’s scientific focus is the translational and clinical research in gastrointestinal cancer. Since 2004, he is leading a basic research group interested in the pathogenesis of GI-cancers with a special focus on hepatobiliary cancers and precision medicine. Arndt Vogel is a clinical investigator in oncology since 2006 and has served as principal investigator on numerous clinical trials. He is author or co-author of more than 260 articles published in peer-reviewed journals including Lancet, Lancet Oncology, Cancer Cell, Gastroenterology, and Hepatology.

Prof. Vogel is member of societies including ESMO, ASCO, and EASL. He is member and chairman of Hepatobiliary Cancer Study Group of the AIO, a collaborative group in clinical oncology in Germany. Within ESMO, he is member of the ESMO Guidelines Steering Committee. Dr. Vogel has responsibilities in the establishment of the national guideline and is the coordinator of the ESMO clinical practice guideline on the management of hepatocellular carcinoma and biliary tract cancer.

Thomas Longerich

Thomas Longerich, MD, is managing senior consultant, deputy medical director, and Professor of General Pathology in the Department of General Pathology at the Heidelberg University Hospital.

He is head of the Section of Translational Gastrointestinal Pathology at Heidelberg University Hospital and advisory committee member of the Liver Cancer Center Heidelberg.

Prof. Longerich’s scientific focus is translational research in liver pathology and liver cancer. Since 2007, he is leading a basic research group focusing on molecular mechanisms of liver cancer development and plasticity of liver cancer cells. Thomas Longerich is member of the scientific committee of the German Liver Foundation and he is author or co-author of more than 210 articles published in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, Cell, Nature Medicine, Cancer Cell, Nature Cell Biology, Gastroenterology, Journal of Hepatology, Gut, and Hepatology.

Key Dates

  • 26 - 27 Apr, 2024 School days
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