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03 Nov 2021

Topic: Metabolism, alcohol and toxicity

Location: Digital

Meeting Type: EASL meetings


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the leading cause of chronic liver disease across Western and developing countries. This webinar will focus on highlighting barriers to living with NAFLD, and look at options for addressing them through interactive debates and expert talks on current evidence and management strategies including lifestyle interventions.

Main information:

  • Date of the event: 3 November
  • Hours: 20:00-21:30 CET
  • Registration: free of charge
  • A Certificate of Attendance is provided. Participants can add it to their Continuing Professional Development Portfolio.

Why attend?

  • To gain an understanding of the pathophysiology of NAFLD
  • To review methods to treat NAFLD, the evidence for these and their clinical usefulness
  • To review the effectiveness of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments in the management of NAFLD and the barriers to implementing strategies
  • To consider the implications of living with NAFLD and its impact on management and care

Who should attend?

This event is for nurses and AHPs.

Scientific programme

Session Type Time Session topic Speaker
Welcome & introduction 20:00-20:05 Welcome & introduction Patrizia Künzler-Heule, Switzerland
Chair of EASL’s Nurses & AHPs Task Force
Presentation 20:05-20:15 Living with NAFLD. What do HCP’s need to know Christian Price, Birmingham, UK
Patient representative
Presentation 20:15-20:30 NAFLD in a nutshell Elisabetta Bugianesi, Italy
Presentation 20:30-20:40 Can exercise make an impact? Kate Hallsworth, UK
Break out subgroups 20:40-20:52 Group discussion on exercise All participants
Presentation 20:52-21:02 The scope of nutritional management in NAFLD Tayla Robertson, Brisbane, Australia
Break out subgroups 21:02-21:12 Group discussion on nutrition All participants
Reflection 21:12-21:22 The impact of treatment on my life Christian Price, Birmingham, UK
Patient representative
Closing comments 21:22-21:30 Summary of webinar and close Jennifer Towey, UK
Member of EASL’s Nurses & AHPs Task Force

Key Deadlines

  • 03 Nov, 2021

    Event date

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