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07-09 Jun 2018

Topic: Metabolism, alcohol and toxicity

Organised by: EASL

Location: The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe | Leuven, Belgium

Meeting Type: EASL meetings

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Prof. Agustín Albillos, Spain
  • Prof, Andrea De Gottardi, Switzerland
  • Prof. Maria Rescigno, Italy

Welcome Message

Dear Colleague,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the EASL Monothematic Conference on the gut-liver axis, in which we will address the relevance in Hepatology of reciprocal interplay between the gut and liver.
The conference will focus on interactions among the microbiota, epithelial barrier and host both in health and in liver disease. The goals of the meeting will be to understand i) the physiological basis of interplay between the gut flora and host intestinal immune system, ii) the role of gut microbiota in different liver diseases, iii) the impact of liver disease on the intestinal barrier, and iv) targets for intervention and therapeutic tools.

The meeting has been organized as 8 sessions that will address these goals. Talks will cover the importance of the gut-liver axis in relevant areas of Hepatology, including advanced cirrhosis, and liver disease secondary to alcohol, fat deposition or autoimmunity. Emerging areas such as the influence of gut microbiota on drug metabolism and on hepatobiliary malignancies will also be covered. Further, the conference will specifically examine therapies designed to modify the components of the gut-liver axis, such as bile acid signaling, fecal transplantation, adsorbent carbons, and pro- and antibiotics, among others.
The conference will be a forum of interest, discussion and information for both clinical hepatologists and basic and translational researchers. In line with other recent EASL events, we will count on the active participation of partners from industry. Sessions will include presentations by eminent scientists on evidence-based translational research from academia and industry. We hope the conference will act as a platform to facilitate interaction and research networking among academia, industry and the scientific audience. In this regard, active researchers in this field will have the chance to submit data from ongoing projects that will be presented as e-posters.
We envisage this meeting on the gut-liver axis as a cutting edge forum of interest for clinicians, basic and translational researchers and industry in this emerging area of hepatology.
We look forward to welcoming and meeting you in Leuven for this major EASL event
The Scientific Committee
Agustín Albillos, Spain

Andrea De Gottardi, Switzerland

Maria Rescigno, Italy


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Why attend?

  • Understand the physiological basis of the interplay between host and gut flora
  • Learn about the role of gut microbiota in different liver diseases
  • Foster the collaboration between academia and industry
  • Explore potential targets for interventions and therapeutic tools

Who should attend?

  • Clinical researchers
  • Basic and translational scientists
  • Hepatologists
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies

Topic to be covered

  • Gut-liver
  • Intestinal barrier
  • Bile-acid signaling
  • Liver disease
  • Liver inflammation and fibrosis
  • Dysbiosis
  • Cholestatic liver disease
  • Hepatobiliary malignancies
  • Infections in cirrhosis
  • Lipid metabolism
  • Gut microbiota
  • Impact of liver disease on microbiota
  • Fecal transplantation


Supported by AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb and MSD who provided funding.

AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb and MSD have had no input into the content of the materials and presentations used at this event.

Help us to inform the liver community by downloading the poster, printing it and placing it on your institute's notice board or forwarding it to your local network:

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The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, Janseniusstraat 1, Leuven, Belgium

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