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14-17 Jun 2018

Topic: Viral hepatitis

Organised by: ISVHLD

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre | Toronto, Canada

Meeting Type: EASL meetings

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Harry L.A. Janssen, Canada
  • Jordan J. Feld, Canada
  • Adam J. Gehring, Canada
  • Gregory Dore, Australia
  • Norah Terrault, USA
  • Michael P. Manns, Germany
  • John Ward, UDS
  • Barbara Rehermann, USA
  • Thomas Baumert, France
  • Adrian M. Di Bisceglie, USA
  • Professor Ulrike Protzer, Germany
  • Henry LY Chan, Hong Kong


Hepatocellular carcinoma is an increasing threat in most countries in the world. Although there are programs that allow early detection and curative treatment most cancers are still only diagnosed late. At this late stage treatment of the cancer is complicated by the presence of liver disease, which may be advanced, and which may alter the pharmacokinetics of any drug used to treat the cancer.

Thus there are many gaps in our approach to managing this disease. We need to better understand the epidemiology, in particular why so few patients are diagnosed early. Although our knowledge of the biology of this cancer has improved by leaps and bounds in the recent past we still do not understand the pathogenesis fully, and we are unable to target metabolic pathways that might effectively treat the cancer. There has been progress in chemotherapy of advanced disease, but we are still a long way from the possibility of cure of intermediate or late stage disease.

This series of presentations at the Global Hepatitis Summit will bring together experts in several different areas of research on hepatocellular carcinoma to discuss the state of the art in their areas to highlight where we are and where we need to go in future.

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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to personally invite you to join us at one of the most established global liver meetings; the 16th International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease (ISVHLD). Over the 45-year legacy of the ISVHLD Meeting, much has changed, and so must the meeting. With renewed vigor and an exciting new focus, the ISVHLD Meeting will be delivered as the 16th ISVHLD Global Hepatitis Summit, in Toronto Canada June 14th – 17th, 2018.

As is the tradition of the ISVHLD, the Global Hepatitis Summit will bring together top clinicians and researchers from around the world. In addition to delivering the highest quality scientific program, the upcoming summit will add a new dimension; an important focus on global public health. With the remarkable therapeutic developments in recent years, the prospect of disease elimination has emerged with the full backing of the WHO, the CDC, and other leading global and national public health bodies.

To highlight the importance of these efforts, the Global Hepatitis Summit will include plenary and parallel public health sessions to complement the high quality basic and clinical scientific presentations typical of the ISVHLD. In addition, the Global Hepatitis Summit will feature a Global Village presented in partnership with the World Hepatitis Alliance, an advocacy focused organization committed to achieving a world free from viral hepatitis. This live hub will bring together community organizations, governmental groups and patients to help drive the public health and awareness agenda.

The Summit will be focused on hepatitis and other non-viral liver diseases and will feature: 4-day ISVHLD meeting refreshed and rebranded, attracting 2,000+ global professionals organized in collaboration with the world-leading liver disease associations. 100+ internationally recognized speakers, leading plenary and parallel scientific sessions in basic, clinical, and public health science of viral hepatitis and liver disease

Ground breaking abstracts, scientific posters, and e-poster presentations
A Global Village showcasing the advocacy work of community organizations, non-government, and governmental groups
Industry inclusive social events, receptions, and faculty events
State of the art interactive exhibits
Exclusive industry symposia sessions

We have assembled an outstanding Scientific Program Committee of world leaders to develop the highest quality scientific program. In attending the summit, you will contribute to driving the next phase of the international agenda on the diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis and liver disease.

The 16th ISVHLD Global Hepatitis Summit promises to be a recharged meeting not to be missed!

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd Toronto, ON M5V 3L9

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