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18 Feb 2022

Topic: All topics

Organised by: Global Liver Institute

Location: Digital

Meeting Type: EASL endorsed events



On February 18 GLI will host a webinar dedicated to pediatric and rare liver diseases to highlight with the experts and with patients the complexities in this field: diagnosis, treatment, care pathways, impacts upon the family, transition to adulthood.

The event is co-hosted with EASL (European Society for the Study of the Liver) and endorsed by: MetabERN (European Reference Network for Hereditary Metabolic Diseases), LPI (Liver Patients International) and the PBC Foundation.

Experts estimate that childhood liver diseases affect up to 1 in 10 children across Europe, and are often diagnosed at a late stage since early symptoms largely go undetected. Chronic liver diseases developed at a young age necessitate long-term treatment that has life-changing consequences.

In organizing this event focused on the novel advances in rare and undiagnosed liver diseases, we hoped to highlight, using specific examples, the burden of liver diseases, their complexity, the unmet needs for the patients and their families, as well as the opportunities to learn more about pathophysiological mechanisms and targets that can also be applied to more common liver diseases.

Read more and register now on the official website.

Help us to inform the liver community by downloading the poster, printing it and placing it on your institute's notice board or forwarding it to your local network:

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