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04 Feb 2021

Topic: Liver tumours

Location: Digital

Meeting Type: EASL meetings



EASL Patient Synergies Roundtable Discussion: Improving the Lives of Liver Cancer Patients

Thursday, 4 February 2021, 2:00–4:00 pm CET online (via Zoom)

 Organised by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) in cooperation with the EASL-affiliated Patient Associations

The webinar’s recording is now available! Click here to (re) watch it.

For Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021, taking place 5-6 February, and on the occasion of World Cancer Day, 4 February, EASL hold a discussion aiming to identify the needs of liver cancer patients and their families, and the best ways to accompany them.

EASL believes that patients can play a pivotal role in research, development, and strategies for treating patients with cancer. Furthermore, there is a need to make the lifecycle management of medicines more efficient and adapted to the evolving patient environment.

The Roundtable Discussion was an open interaction between scientists and patient representatives on how to invest in a robust framework – a framework to facilitate better interconnectedness and thus improve the lives of patients with cancer, taking into account all types of diversity. Attendance at this session was open to the public.

Meeting agenda

14:00–14:10 |  Opening remarks

  • Prof. Thomas Berg, EASL Vice-Secretary
  • Prof. Maria Reig, Liver Cancer Expert and EASL Board Member

Panel discussion (3 sessions): Improving the lives of liver cancer patients
Moderators: George Kalamitsis and Prof. Maria Buti

14:10–14:20 Session 1:  Early diagnosis and risk factors of liver cancer
Lightning talks: Prof. Pierre Nahon

14:20–14:30 Session 2: COVID-19 challenges and liver cancer care
Lightning talks: Prof. Maria Reig

14:30–15:00 | Q&A from the audience
Moderators: Marko Korenjak and Rachel Halford

15:00–15:20 Session 3: The inequality of the burden of cancer in different European countries
Lightning talks: Isabelle Soerjomataram

15:20–15:45 | Q&A from the audience

15:45–15:55 | European Code Against Cancer – The European Cancer Organisation
Mike Morrissey, ECCO Chief Executive

15:55–16:00 | Closing remarks
Prof. Maria Buti, EASL EU Policy Councillor

Panellists and chairs will answer questions from the audience that are communicated via the chat feature or sent in advance by email to:

Chairs and panellists

• Prof. Maria Buti, EASL EU Policy Councillor
• Prof. Maria Reig, Liver Cancer Expert and EASL Board Member
• Jose Willemse, ERN RARE-LIVER Board Member

• Ivy Ahmed, Global Liver Institute (GLI), Liver Cancers Program Director
• Rachel Halford, World Hepatitis Alliance, EU Regional Board Member
• Marko Korenjak, European Liver Patients’ Association (ELPA), President
• George Kalamitsis, Liver Patient International (LPI), Chair
• Neus Llarch, EASL’s Nurses Task Force, Nurse
• Isabelle Soerjomataram, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Deputy Section Head, Section of Cancer Surveillance
• Jose Willemse, ERN RARE-LIVER Board Member

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