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04 Feb 2021

Topic: Liver tumours

Location: Digital

Meeting Type: EASL meetings


Join the EASL Patient Synergies Roundtable Discussion on improving the lives of liver cancer patients, together with liver patient organisations, clinicians, and experts in the field of liver cancer.

Event date: 4 February 2020, at 2:00–4:00 pm CET via Zoom

On the occasion of Digital Liver Cancer Summit 5-6 Feb. 2021 and on World Cancer Day, EASL is holding a discussion aiming to identify the needs of liver cancer patients and their families, and the best ways to accompany them.

EASL believes that patients can play a pivotal role in research, development, and strategies for treating patients with cancer. Furthermore, there is a need to make the lifecycle management of medicines more efficient and adapted to the evolving patient environment.

The Roundtable Discussion will be an open interaction between scientists and patient representatives on how to invest in a robust framework – a framework to facilitate better interconnectedness and thus improve the lives of patients with cancer, taking into account all types of diversity.

Attendance at this session is open to the public. Further information will be available shortly.

Registration is open. Register & mark your calendar today!

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