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21 Nov 2023

Organised by: EASL

Location: Online

Meeting Type: EASL meetings


The EASL Extraordinary General Assembly will be held online on 21 November 2023, from 17:00 to 19:00 CET.

As presented during the last General Assembly at EASL Congress 2023 in Vienna, Austria, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on EASL’s financial reserves. Challenging economic times globally, and a changing landscape in terms of event attendance have resulted in continued pressure on EASL’s financial situation.

At the General Assembly in Vienna, the concerns from the members were heard loud and clear, and the Governing Board is fully aware that an action plan is required to ensure that EASL can continue to deliver on its mission.

Therefore, the Governing Board has established a Business Analysis Task Force with the mandate to take actions to re-establish financial balance in EASL’s financial year 2024 and beyond. In the months since the General Assembly, the Task Force, in parallel with 9 different Working Groups, has conducted a granular analysis of EASL’s finances, our value proposition, and our priorities in the short- and mid-term. The outcomes of this work will ultimately lead to the development of the EASL budget for 2024.

At the upcoming Extraordinary General Assembly, the EASL Governing Board will present this 2024 budget, together with the underlying assumptions and implications, to all active EASL members for their approval.


The supporting documents are now available in the EASL Memberzone. In the section “General Assembly Documents” you will find:

  • Agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly
  • Minutes of the 2023 General Assembly
  • EASL Financial update
  • Governing Board nominees
  • Proposal for amendment of the EASL Articles of Association.

Questions about the supporting documents, or suggestions for any other agenda items can be submitted via email to


Please note that this event is exclusively for EASL members and you will need an active EASL membership at the time of the Extraordinary General Assembly in order to access.

Have you renewed your membership? Take this opportunity to check your membership status and renew it for the year ahead.

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