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09-12 Jun 2021

Topic: All topics

Organised by: Hepatos

Location: Digital

Meeting Type: EASL endorsed events


As the President of Croatian Society for liver diseases “Hepatos”, I am honoured to inform you that, for the 5th year in the row Hepatos is planning to organize Croatian Liver Week this year entitled “Old issues in new COVID19 / post COVID19 world” and to invite you to take part in this event aiming to further our efforts for the betterment of patients with liver diseases.

In the period 9 – 12  June, 2021 we plan to hold:

– Two-day international scientific meeting with political goal:
Day1: “HCC as the result of the unmet needs of “silent liver epidemics “ June 9th, Zagreb, Croatia
Day 2: “NAFLD day as a part of the week of chronic liver disease awareness” June 12th, Rijeka, Croatia
– Two-day public action with mobile clinic – Mobile InfoHep Center:
Day 1: NASH Day, June 10th, Zagreb, Croatia

Day 2: NASH Day, June 11th, Rijeka, Croatia

COVID-19 threat to public health, which certainly needs special attention, also pointed out the importance of not abandoning previous achievements in public health, the need to try to keep the current status and avoid taking steps back in attempt to not lose the achieved momentum in eliminating viral hepatitis as well as other liver diseases since their neglect can lead to further complications such as HCC.

With this event, even during the COVID-19 threat to public health, our plan is to continue to shine a spotlight on the current needs, to re-assess the current situation, achievements and challenges, and suggest the course of action for the future in hopes to prevent further suffering and death caused by viral hepatitis, NASH/NAFLD and liver cancer.

We hope that you will find time in your busy schedule and be able to virtually participate during the meeting and thus join our continuing long-term efforts to raise awareness of this still growing problem.

Regards, Tatjana Reić

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