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Beating liver cancer in Europe – the empowerment of prevention and early detection
Friday 22 October, 2021
Virtual event

11:00 – 11:10 Introduction
2 min Welcome address - Thomas Berg, EASL Secretary-General
2 min Welcome address - Marko Korenjak, ELPA President
2 min Opening remarks – Igor Zorčič, President of the National Assembly Republic of Slovenia
2 min Opening remarks - Janez Poklukar, Minister of Health of the Republic of Slovenia
11:10 – 12:30 Session 1 – Liver cancer prevention and health promotion

Thomas Berg, EASL Secretary-General
Marko Korenjak, ELPA President

2 min Session presentation by co-chairs
5 min EASL Open Letter: 10 Asks to Improve Liver Cancer Care in Europe

Maria Buti, EASL Policy Councillor
Chief of Internal Medicine and Hepatology at the Hospital General
Universitari Valle Hebron, Barcelona, Spain

15 min The burden of liver cancer in Europe – a possible holistic approach to cancer prevention with the liver cancer case: expert perspectives
5 min The burden of liver cancer in Europe - Peter Galle, Liver Cancer Expert, University Medical Center Mainz, Germany
5 min Prevention of liver cancer with vaccination and treatment - Peter Jepsen, EASL PPHC member, Hepato-epidemiologist, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
5 min Viral hepatitis elimination and treatment - example from Slovenia - Mojca Matičič, EASL PPHC member, infectious diseases and internal medicine specialist, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
15 min Adequate awareness and prevention for liver cancer across all regions and countries among patients and families, risk groups, policymakers, and the public: patient perspectives
5 min Example from Spain - Dr Teresa Casanovas, ELPA patient representative
5 min Example from Israel - Julio Burman, ELPA patient representative
5 min Example from Romania - Marinela Debu, ELPA patient representative
40 min
Open discussion
What can we achieve together on cancer prevention?
Actions needed at EU level
John Ryan, Director of Public Health Country Knowledge and Crisis Management, DG SANTE

Birgitta Sacrédeus, rapporteur of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) at the Interparliamentary Committee Meeting (ICM) on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

Session conclusions by co-chairs
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:40 Session 2 – Liver Cancer: Early detection and screening

Maria Buti, EASL Policy Councillor,
 Mojca Matičič, EASL PPHC member

2 min Session presentation by co-chairs
15 min The importance of early detection of liver disease and patient monitoring for liver cancer prevention
Pierre Nahon, Liver cancer expert, Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris-Seine-SaintDenis, France
20 min Challenges in screening, access to care and treatments – it is time to reduce the inequalities in Europe
10 min East-West Europe divided - Marko Korenjak, ELPA President
10 min Example from North Macedonia - Milan Mishkovikj, ELPA patient representative
30 min Open discussion: New Cancer Screening Scheme (2021-2025): EU actions
10 min Barbara Kerstiëns
MPH Head of unit Health Directorate DG Research & Innovation European Commission SGPP Luxembourg
10 min Partha Basu
Head screening group on early detection and prevention IARC
10 min Pietro Fiocchi
Member of the EU Parliament, European Conservatives and Reformists Group, Special Committee on Beating Cancer
5 min Good examples: collaboration at EU level and Horizon projects
Maria Reig, Liver cancer expert, Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer Group, Liver Unit, Barcelona
25 min Q&A
3min Concluding remarks from EASL Secretary General & ELPA President
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