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05-06 Apr 2019

Topic: General hepatology

Organised by: RoALD

Location: Hotel Crowne Plaza | Bucharest, Romania

Meeting Type: EASL endorsed events



This course will provide updates and practical guidance for clinicians dealing with common or challenging liver conditions. It’s core program will comprise several sessions focused on remarkable progress that have been made in clinical hepatology and basic research field.


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Topic to be covered

  • Persisting therapeutic challenges in liver cirrhosis
  • Pregnancy & Liver disease
  • The road to viral hepatitis elimination
  • Endo-Hepatology: Optimizing endoscopy in patients with cirrhosis/ liver diseas
  • The increasing role of molecular biology techniques in hepatolagy
  • HCC and Liver transplantation
  • Chronic liver disease potpourri
  • Future burden in hepatalogy: NAFLD/NASH and alcoholic liver disease.

Hotel Crowne Plaza Bucharest, Romania

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