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Season 6, Episode 9 - Therapy hierarchy in HCC: A new kid on the block (rerun)

This episode was originally aired on Wednesday 20 March 2024

This episode centres around an article recently published in the Journal of Hepatology, presenting a new treatment algorithm positioned as an evolution of the BCLC system and aimed at addressing its limitations in the staging and therapy hierarchy for HCC. This discussion will cover the implications of this fresh approach in the management of HCC patients, challenging the standard paradigm.

Faculty: Bruno Sangro (Moderator), Umberto Cillo (Faculty) Helen Reeves (Faculty), María Reig (Faculty)

This EASL Studio is supported by AstraZeneca. EASL has received no input from AstraZeneca with regards to the content of this programme.

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The novel framework includes the concepts of multi-parametric and converse therapeutic hierarchy.

BCLC staging and treatment strategy in 2022.

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