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The HCV Advisor app is a tool provided free by EASL to those treating patients with hepatitis C and will streamline the selection of treatment. Based on the trusted EASL Recommendations for Treatment of Hepatitis C, simply enter the patient and virus information and instantly the appropriate treatment options are made available.

Users can modify or disable drugs not available in their country to create a fully customizable recommendation based on country regulations. In addition, the app provides a prescription generator in PDF format that is print ready.

Note: The EASL HCV Advisor contains information intended for specialists.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

EASL HCV Advisor


Welcome to EASL's LiverTree where you experience online hepatology education at your convenience.

Available via desktop and as an app our innovative and engaging online environment offers thousands of educational activities to keep you up-to-date.



iLiver app is EASL’s own reviewed bedside resource that provides up to date clinical recommendations and information in more than 26 different areas of liver disease.


Journal of Hepatology

The official iPad app for the Journal of Hepatology, published by EASL.

The app provides access to all article, supplementary materials and slide presentations. High-resolution images of all tables and figures with pinch-to-zoom are also available.

The iPad App is free for EASL Members and Journal subscribers.