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15-16 Oct 2020

Topic: General hepatology

Organised by: ESBRA

Location: Holiday Inn - Pirámides Hotel | Madrid, Spain

Meeting Type: Other


The set of microbial communities that have colonized our intestine is what is called the Gut Microbiota. Currently, what is known about their composition and their functions is rapidly increasing. Importantly, this is leading to new discoveries about health. It has been shown that intestinal microbiota regulates our weight, mood, inflammation processes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, autism, among other process, and the response to pharmacological treatments. It is time for alcohol to be investigated within the context of the intestinal microbiota.

During this meeting the prestigious ESBRA-Nordmann Award will be given to a young scientist for significant scientific contributions to biomedical research on alcoholism. The applicant should be a European scientist under the age of 35, whose past and present work is mostly based in European institutions. Furthermore, the application has to be recommended by a letter from an ESBRA member.

So far, several investigations have shown that the intestinal microbiota is modified by alcohol consumption, and vice versa, that the intestinal microbiota regulates alcohol consumption. This affects psychiatric diseases and diseases related to alcohol-induced damage, such as in the liver. This suggests a new perspective of coping for the understanding and treatment of alcohol addiction. It is a new opportunity that researchers in the field of alcohol should seriously consider. It is for this reason that the Madrid ESBRA-Nordmann Award meeting tries to gather relevant researchers in the field and offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and establish future lines of collaboration.

We believe that the meeting in Madrid ESBRA-Nordmann Award Meeting will be disruptive in the understanding of the intestinal microbiota in the field of alcohol addiction. Please, be welcome!

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Topics to be covered

The program will cover the topics:

  • Alcohol, microbiota and Brain
  • Gut microbiota and alcohol related organ damage: Liver and immune system
  • Wine, beer, Mediterranean diet and microbiota
  • Free presentations

Holiday Inn - Pirámides Hotel, Paseo de las Acacias, 40, 28005 Madrid, Spain

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