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EASL builds strong partnerships that are crucial to the success of our advocacy and policy goals.

EASL works with a number of European Union (EU) partners in the fields of:

Chronic diseases
European Chronic Disease Alliance

Alcohol policy
European Liver Patients Alliance
The United European Gastroenterology

General public health
European Public Health Alliance

We also have close working relationships with the:
European Commission
European Parliament
European Centre for Disease Control
World Health Organization

The objective of these partnerships is to find links between liver and related diseases and common health determinants and to leverage the potential of the wider health community at EU and wider European level to support our advocacy efforts. This is consistent with EU approaches to health and research policy that emphasise common health determinants over individual diseases.

In 2021 EASL remains compliant with the criteria required to be an EMA eligible organisation, as defined by the European Medicine Agency Management Board.

Media partners

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