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With less than 3 weeks left to the opening of #ILC2019 in Vienna, take a look back at this excellent @EASLnews review of last year’s Congress→https://t.co/BJcUbMEr3r & don't forget to mark your calendars as #ILC2019 abstracts will be available online on 27 March at 10:00 CET.

Four more weeks to go with @EASLnews for me. We should be grateful to efforts by the past boards and secretaries over the years. This society has so much to be proud of! Preparing the opening speach for #ILC2019. See you there!

The more we refine our technologies the more we uncover about the complexities of disease @hov_jer @tomhemmingk @EASLedu intestinal barrier function and disease will be important in PSC-IBD as well for sure https://t.co/L6K3I1ITmd

Snapshot | Different techniques for ultrasound liver #elastography

#scicomm #liverdisease #sciart

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