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#EASL opens call for new Scientific Committee member https://t.co/2LKlaYk2zA
European National Associations are invited to submit nominations but EASL members living in Europe can also self-nominate.

Deadline: 16 Sept. 2019

Begs the question about alcoholic hepatitis and whether the neutrophilic infiltrate is protective or harmful..and then the story of GCSF as a liver therapy...from mouse to man may be hard but nice paper @AASLDtweets @EASLedu @BASLedu @ebtapper https://t.co/Um5IConiEO

NAFLD is the leading cause of chronic #liver disease in #children worldwide. This excellent article summarizes current knowledge & advances related to pathogenesis & management of paediatric #NAFLD→https://t.co/CyZaVVSga3 @valerio_nobili @AnnaAlisi @lucavalenti75 @AlkhouriNaim

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