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As the leading global association in the field of hepatology, EASL works with high-profile industry and academic partners concerned with the health and well-being of hepatology patients across the globe.

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As well as supporting the world’s largest and most influential event dedicated to hepatology, The International Liver CongressTM, EASL has a wealth of other partnership opportunities, including supporting data collection, funding research and researchers, educational programmes, clinical schools and special focus meetings.

Through individual opportunities or bespoke specialty, EASL can help companies and organisations connect with a growing hepatology community in a way that fits with their individual marketing strategy and budget, thus broadening their global presence and optimising new market opportunities.

Collaboration is the key to reducing the incidence and burden of liver disease and EASL looks forward to working with partners to fulfil a joint mission of tackling liver disease and improving and changing the world of hepatology.

Partnership benefits

  • Reinforcing your position as a key player in the industry through exclusive prescriptive partnership packages that correspond specifically to your marketing agenda
  • Showcasing your brand to, and connecting with, EASL’s extensive and growing hepatology community
  • Being at the forefront of liver disease scientific discovery
  • Being part of a unique platform dedicated to education and idea exchange
  • Reaching out to and engaging with Key Opinion Leaders from multiple markets

Annual Unrestricted Grant Programme

While EASL is widely known for its annual flagship event, The International Liver Congress™, many other scientific conferences and educational initiatives are organised to advance excellence in hepatology throughout the year.

Since 2009, a number of such activities are funded through an Annual Unrestricted Grant supported by the industry of a minimum starting fund of 250,000 EUR.

Over the last few years, hepatology has seen a rapid expansion of several disease areas. In order to better address the needs of our industry partners, EASL will develop funding programmes that are adapted to the heterogeneity of stakeholders with an interest in liver disease.


For bespoke opportunities, please contact Stephane Dazet on: +41 22 807 03 60 or email: industry@easloffice.eu

Disease Speciality Track

EASL welcomes industry partners to support specialty areas of viral hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, NAFLD or rare liver diseases, which may relate more specifically to their aims and marketing agenda.

Such specific disease specialty support, not only facilitates further scientific advances in key areas, but also supports vital educational activities such as Registries, Fellowships and Young Investigator Bursaries.

Disease specialty partners receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Acknowledgment as a Premium EASL Partner with a company logo on EASL publications such as information leaflets, newsletter, annual EASL sponsorship document, EASL website and disease specialty web pages
  • Promotional materials at EASL educational events and activities
  • Promotional materials associated with The International Liver Congress™, Consensus Meetings and Extraordinary EASL Conferences.

For general enquiries, further information or to discuss bespoke partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the EASL Team:

+41 22 807 03 60 or email: industry@easloffice.eu


EASL remains committed to its critical work in preventing liver disease and improving patient outcomes. As a result, EASL has developed Educational Grant Programmes, Masterclasses and Clinical and Basic Schools, as well as online educational opportunities, for companies sharing this mission. These opportunities will help companies gain exposure with young researchers and clinical and translational scientists, thus maximising their market opportunities.

The International Liver CongressTM

The International Liver CongressTM(ILC) is the annual EASL meeting, and the flagship event in EASL’s educational calendar. Held every year in April, the ILC has become the most influential and major congress of its kind.

ILC is attended by scientific and medical experts from a broad range of fields including hepatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, cell biology, transplant surgery, infectious diseases, microbiology and virology, pharmacology, pathology and radiology and imaging who all come together from around the world to learn about the latest in liver research. Specialists share recent data, present studies and findings, and discuss the hottest topics in liver disease. The annual congress attracts approximately 10,000 delegates and 250 media representatives from all over the world, making this a truly international networking opportunity.

Summit Meetings & Special Conferences

EASL welcomes partnership involvement at specific disease summit meetings, including the Liver Cancer and NAFLD Summits.

These are highly informative meetings, focused on current evidence-based clinical practice, as well as key research advances that will shape clinical practices of the future.

To maximise exposure to all our attendees, industry partners are invited to support educational and social activities and benefit from our dedicated conference management team to facilitate their involvement and ensure they meet their communications objectives.

Liver Cancer Summit  

NAFLD Summit  

Benefits of being an industry partner at summit meetings:

  • Opportunity to be part of a unique collaboration between academia and industry, engaging and communicating with an audience of international specialists, including: basic and translational scientists, clinical researchers, hepatologists, representatives from industry and biotechnology, young researchers and trainees, health professionals, academics and representatives from regulatory and funding agencies
  • On-going brand and corporate visibility throughout the meeting venue, with extensive benefits and branding opportunities before, during and after the event
  • Be recognised on a global level as a key supporter of EASL’s mission in advancing research and treatments in the fields of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) or NAFLD

For general enquiries, further information or to discuss bespoke partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the EASL Team below:

+41 22 807 03 60 or email: industry@easloffice.eu

Educational Grants

EASL Educational Grants aim to financially support healthcare professionals, patients, and policy organisations that share EASL’s goal of advancing healthcare for those suffering from a liver disease.

Young Investigators

EASL aims to encourage and enable young scientists (up to 35 years of age and in training) to attend and present their research at The International Liver Congress™. Every year, industry partners will have the opportunity to support a large number of our young scientists at The ILC as well as other Summit meetings, through a limited number of travel and registration bursaries.

Fellowships and Registries

Fellowship and mentoring programmes

EASL offers a wealth of fellowship programmes to encourage and facilitate exceptional research and pursuit of excellence in scientific discovery in hepatology. It has recently enhanced its fellowship programmes to better reflect Young Investigators’ needs, offering increased funding, longer training periods, as well as travel and family allowances.

Fellowship programmes include:

  • a Student Research Fellowship Programme directed at young graduates aiming to achieve a PhD in the field of basic, translational or clinical hepatology
  • a Short-Term Fellowship Programme, directed at postgraduate investigators who intend to spend a limited amount of time at a foreign institution to accomplish a very focused research project
  • a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme, targeting the most promising newly qualified postgraduate researchers who wish to expand research fields and start developing their independent research careers.

The EASL Mentorship Programme was created as a means of enhancing scientific exchange and personal development, whereby a more experienced and knowledgeable hepatologist guides a Young Investigator through a crucial stage of their career path.

Registry Grants

As a major European association dedicated to the liver and liver disease, EASL promotes research and education through the sharing of research findings in hepatology.

Considering the difficulties faced by researchers in our field, the EASL Governing Board has created the EASL Registry Data Collection Grant. Funding provided by EASL and its partners will help to organise consortia groups dedicated to data gathering with specific focus on liver disease.


In conjunction with the AASLD, EASL offers Masterclasses providing a unique educational collaboration of clinical scientists from leading academic medical institutions.

Participants attend a two-day intensive training session consisting of academic lectures, interactive sessions, individual meetings with tutors, as well as social events.  Prior to the Masterclass, participants will be assigned to working groups, and each of the groups will be led by a mentor, and provided a task and guidance to complete the tasks.

Selected participants will gain practical advice on how to enhance their academic and leadership skills to succeed as independent investigators and leaders in academic medicine. Non-scientific related sessions, such as leadership and managerial skills, complement the course to bring future leaders in hepatology to the forefront of science and education.

Clinical and Basic Schools

EASL Schools of Hepatology cover diverse aspects in the field of hepatology. Courses are divided into a balanced blend of lectures on theoretical, practical and clinical case-based discussions presented during a residential course with limited attendance. Topics covered to date include:

Liver immunology; bioinformatics & array analysis; human and animal cell isolation & sorting; imaging; liver models; microbiome & gut-liver axis.


For general enquiries, further information or to discuss bespoke partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the EASL Team:

+41 22 807 03 60 or email: industry@easloffice.eu


EASL continue to be at the forefront of hepatology research and pushing boundaries with new and exciting initiatives, which provide an ideal platform for industry partners.

One of our latest opportunities includes the Hepahealth data collection project. Liver mortality varies considerably across European countries and EASL has recently commissioned the HEPAHEALTH project to document these rapid changes, helping to identify disparities in incidence across European countries and gaps in current knowledge as well as effective strategies to reduce liver mortality and morbidity.

Specifically, the Hepahealth report will provide comprehensive data on liver disease across the European population, identify and recommend key interventions that can reduce liver mortality and estimate the relative costs and benefits to facilitate implementation.

EASL is currently looking for funding partners for further phases of the Hepahealth project, allowing our research teams to model the projected burden of liver diseases in Europe and their economic costs, as well as establishing a European observatory on liver disease.

For general enquiries, further information or to discuss bespoke partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the EASL team:

+41 22 807 03 60 or email: industry@easloffice.eu


For bespoke opportunities, please contact:

stephane-dazetStéphane Dazet

Tel: +41 22 807 03 69

Mobile: + 33 (0)6 62 60 27 88

Email stephane.dazet@easloffice.eu



alexis-schweryAlexis Schwery

Tel: +41 22 807 03 68

Email alexis.schwery@easloffice.eu

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