Other meetings - Paris 14-15 January, 2019

Paris Hepatology Conference (PHC)


2 Days conferences dedicated to liver diseases

The PHC is organized by the Association for the Promotion of Hepatologic Care (APHC)

The aim of the PHC is to create the appropriate friendly spirit favouring discussions and exchanges.

Interactivity between attendees and international experts is encouraged during the plenary sessions (roundtable discussions) and lunch workshops (clinical cases).

Hot Topics of PHC 2019:

  • Hepatitis C: optimal treatment in real life according to drugs availability and how to improve access and linkage to care for elimination
  • Hepatitis B: new therapeutic approaches for cure
  • NASH: management in real life, new diagnostic tools and new drugs
  • Cholestatic diseases: new concepts and new drugs
  • Fibrosis: better understanding of fibrogenesis and targets for anti-fibrotic drugs
  • End-Stage Liver Disease: optimal management of decompensated cirrhosis
  • HCC:  new therapeutic approaches
  • Liver transplantation: selected indications today and in the future
  • Liver imagery:  new technologies for more accurate diagnosis and staging





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