Endorsed Event - Zagreb 21-22 September, 2018

ESPCG 2018 Educational Meeting


The ESPCG mission is increasing knowledge and best practice from a primary care perspective in gastrointestinal disorders around Europe. Management of liver disease is an increasing challenge for primary care doctors. Different disorders such as infectious hepatitis, alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease are a focus for the society to ensure adequate management in different European scenarios. Immigration among European countries is also a recent and relevant factor adding to the need for wider hepatic knowledge. Balkan counties like Croatia, represent a challenge for the ESPCG 2018 Meeting. Firstly for its initial involvement as a new member country represented in ESPCG and secondly for its potential need to have this liver programme for their GPs. Participation from other doctors representing Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro is expected. This presents also a further reason for delivering this comprehensive programme. Collaboration from the European Association for the Study of the Liver
(EASL) and from the Croatian Society of Gastroenterology is an important element for the success of the event especially as we will be promoting the shared care approach from the specialist side. Local Croatian GPs Association involvement also represents an important sharing experience from an ESPCG perspective.

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